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New appearance of publication lists at the web

The publication lists at the personal pages at our websites (www.biology.lu.se and www.biologi.lu.se) are updated with a new appearance, as well as new listings. At the bottom of your personal page there are now two tabs. The one that is

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Make your research known

Hi everybody! Last year the Department of Biology and its researchers figured quite a lot in media. Journalists and the public took interest in your results, your research projects and your opinions as experts on specific topics. Hopefully your work will contribute to increase the Department’s visibility even more in 2018. One of the things I work with is to … Läs mer

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Avoid scattered web information

I have seen a tendency among researchers and research groups to create their own external websites. The department strongly objects to this. It is not a good idea for a couple of

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Making an impact with research

The GENECO winter meeting was held Tuesday, February 14. PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers, in total 44, attended the meeting at Ideon Science Park. Most participants were from Lund but a few came from Gothenburg and Kalmar to attend.

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Retractable displays and beach flags

The department has now three retractable displays (roll-ups) and two beach flags. You may use these for example when you have a symposium, workshop, conference, course, or such. The beach flags make it easier for people to find their way to the entrance and the roll-ups welcome people in. Feel free to borrow these whenever you need them. You find … Läs mer

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Finding our internal websites and calendars

It seems like it is time to write a small explanation about how you find your way around our websites. Our web pages are divided into external and internal websites in both

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New internal website in English

Our English internal website is launched at last! Most of the content at our Swedish internal website is now also available in English. The content

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Gör en insats och få ökad synlighet på köpet

Idag ordnade SACT seminarium. Marie Dacke hade bjudit in Olle Terenius från Uppsala. Han berättade hur SLU jobbar med

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Senaste nytt från IT hållet

Idag ordnade SACT (Scientific Activities Group) informationsmöte med institutionens IT-grupp. Efter en presentation av gruppen började Anders Kullberg med att berätta hur du får hjälp. Det finns både en central servicedesk hos LDC  och en intern helpdesk på institutionen. Till LDC vänder du dig när du behöver

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Praktiska journalisttips i två akter

Idag hade SACT (Scientific Activities Group) bjudit in Lena Björk Blixt för att berätta om praktiska tips i kontakten med journalister. Lena som tidigare jobbat som journalist och som nu arbetar som press- och kommunikation ansvarig på

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