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Till personalen vid den blivande Biologiska institutionen

On the need for information in English

Sorry to say, I find it impossible to translate all information into English (the issue was discussed during the meeting with the post graduate students this week). I realise that this may be a problem to foreign coworkers but luckily we have Google:-)

– Try visiting

Copy the Swedish text you are interested in and paste it into the empty “box”. Översätt från svenska till engelska (translate from Swedish to English). For instance the information about Biträdande prefekt, informatör och IT-ansvarig will then be translated into:

“Deputy Head of Department, Communications and IT Manager

Carin Jarl-Sunesson will become deputy head of the department as of year end. Carin is a plant biologist, has entered into MUSQUASH FUR Group since last spring and includes previously appeared in the management team who now emerged from MUSQUASH FUR group. Carin will have a special responsibility for basic education but will also pay me whenever necessary. My experience of Carin from the last two months of work with MUSQUASH FUR-group (ie since I became involved as an incoming head) makes me confident that we will pull in the same direction and that our cooperation will work fine. Carin has knowledge of both basic training and the COB, which I lack at the moment and this will be very valuable to instiutionsbildningen functioning optimally.

I have also appointed Inger Ekström serve as information officer with a focus on web communications. This will mean a boost for our communications – both internally and externally. Ingers knowledge and ideas have already started to put our mark on the Web – and the more it will become. Anders Kullberg has undertaken to act as IT coordinator for the department and he will lead the institution’s collective IT group. Anders vast knowledge and experience of IT issues will be invaluable when it comes to developing IT support within the institution.”

Far from perfect – but not that bad either! On the whole intelligible – and a bit amusing. Or what about:

“the management team who now emerged from MUSQUASH FUR group”……

Sounds like a death squad to the uninitiated – which will certainly calm down anybody worried about the effects of the department merger.

Or you may even paste the web address into the box and you will have the whole home page translated!

Hakuna matata (try translation from Swahili to English!) – watch this for a zoological and musical experience.

(only partly serious on this occasion!  The MUSQUASH FUR group is seriously working on the improvement of the communication within the department)

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  1. november 26, 2009 | 7:07 e m | Carin Jarl-Sunesson

    Well Christer, I am a bit concerned about the phrasing of the sentence in your letter below:
    “Carin will have a special responsibility for basic education but will also PAY ME WHENEVER NECESSARY”…….!

  2. Adding to the information overflow:
    Why “musquash [fur]” and not muskrat?
    Musquash is, I believe, an old and outdated word for the animal in question and mainly used, if at all, in connection with the fur industry.

    And what’s the “fur” part got to do with things?