How to obtain information without e-mail sending lists

UPDATE 2011-06-15. Wallace, the e-mail list server, is now up and running temporary. When the hard disk in the server becomes warm it will go down again and have to cool off to be able to restart. A new hard drive will be installed, but that requires some not-so-easy-to-find gear. So for some time we have to get use to periods without e-mail lists. In the meantime you may obtain information in the other ways explained in this blog post.

We still have problem with our e- mail list server. Right now we can’t access our e-mail lists. This causes some problems. We can’t send e-mail reminders about seminars, blog post, positions, newsletters etc. But I don’t think everybody sees this as a problem. Some people may feel fine with a “not-so-crowded-inbox”. Maybe we can have it that way even after the e-mail list server is fully functional again. As you will see there are other ways to obtain most of the information if you just know where to look:

BioBullen, our weekly newspaper, is published as a news article at the front page at the internal web site (

At the same web page ( we also have a calendar where meetings and seminars are announced.

Instead of looking into the Biology blog for new blog posts you can have an automatic e-mail from the blog every time something new is posted. Just fill in your e-mail address in the subscription box at the top of the left column at

Or you may subscribe to the blog’s rss feed. Here you find a blog post (in Swedish) about showing how to do that. For instructions in English just do a Google search. You can also subscribe to the comments on the Biology blog via rss. Just grab the feed at the bottom of the left column.

Why not follow the Biology department on Twitter? Just follow BiologiInst. On Twitter I tweet in English about internal events at the department. If you are uncertain of how to use twitter do a Google search.

On Twitter there are also automatic tweets from the Biology blog, both posts and comments. I’ve created a Google calendar that tweet automatically a quarter before the events in the calendar. If you just want to have a look at the calendar, or subscribe to it via rss, this is the address

Do you want to have access to the calendar to put in your seminars or stuff like that? Or do you feel you also have things that would do nicely on Twitter? Just send me an e-mail (☺) and I’ll share the calendar with you and give you access to Twitter. If you have something important to communicate, please contact me and I will publish it through the appropriate channel.

Don’t forget that it’s always your own responsibility to get the information. You can never be sure that it’s given to you in your e-mail inbox. The information is usually out there somewhere; you just have to know how to obtain it in a way that is perfect for you.

Written by Inger Ekström
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  1. Thanks for the information Inger!
    I tried the Google Calendar link (, but I got an error message:
    “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.”
    Perhaps the permissions are not open, or do I need to access it from the LU network?

  2. That’s really strange! The calendar is public and I’ve tried the link in different web browsers (Safari, FF, Opera, Crome on mac and IE 8 on a virtual Windows 7) and at another computer on which I never been logged in. And it all works. The LU network should not matter because it’s a Google calendar and it has nothing to do with LU.

    I’ll ask some more people and see if they also have this problem and then I’ll come back to you.