Magne Friberg – new Associate Senior Lecturer

I am a recently started Associate Senior Lecturer in the unit of Biodiversity. I was an undergraduate student in Lund some 15 years ago, and it feels exciting to be back again after pit stops at Stockholm University (PhD-studies), University of California, Santa Cruz (post-doc) and Uppsala University (Assistant Professor).

In our research group, we study the processes that have made plants and plant-feeding insects two of the most diverse and abundant groups of organisms on earth. Much of our current research involves the evolution of plant signals, and ecological and evolutionary responses to these signals by associated insects. Please see the research group web page for more info. In my spare time, I do not watch as many birds as I would like to, and I do not play as much sports as I would need. I am a descent racquet-sport player (tennis/squash/badminton) in need of new sparring partners. For research-, birding-, or sports-related inquiries, please contact me:

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