Maria Svensson Coelho – new research engineer

I am returning to Sweden after nearly two decades abroad. I completed my
undergraduate education at UC Berkeley in California, my Masters and PhD at the
University of Missouri in St. Louis, and then did two post-docs in Brazil – one
at the University of São Paulo and another at São Paulo Federal University in
Diadema. Since my undergraduate years, my focal study system has been avian
malaria. I’ve been involved in research on these organisms’ community ecology,
biogeography, and host specificity, among other things.

With my current position, I am switching gears to work with experimental
evolution. I will work with Charlie Cornwallis, Karin Rengefors, Erik Svensson,
and Tobias Uller, but for the first couple of years I will be focusing on the
Chlamydomonas multicellularity project lead by Charlie and Karin. Markus
Lindh, a new postdoc here, has already provided an excellent summary of the
project aims on Biologibloggen if you’re interested in knowing more about it.

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