Proposal of the election committe

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Soon there will be an election to the board of the new Biology department. This is some information about this election.

Our head of administration Monica Pardon will coordinate the election. Polling officer is Claes Wohlfart, the head of the department of Undergraduate Studies in Biology.

If you are in the electoral register (.pdf) you will get an election letter with instructions about how the election will be conducted. You can only vote by post and your ballot must have reached the department of Undergraduate Studies in Biology (hämtställe 50) by 16.00 Thursday 3 December at the latest. The counting of votes will be Monday 7 December. The students will choose representatives by themselves.

The election committee

The election committee has consist of:

  • Erling Jirle, TA
  • Ewa Dahlberg, TA
  • Lars-Anders Hansson, teacher
  • Lars Lundqvist, TA
  • Torbjörn Säll,teacher, convener
  • Helena Westerdahl, teacher
  • Björn Weström, teacher

They have proposed candidates to the board. These candidates are among the people who are eligible for the board (.pdf). The work of the election committee is now ended.

The proposal of the election committe:

Regular teachers
Name Title Sex
Jep Agrell Lecturer Male
Jostein Kjaerandsen Researcher Male
Jure Piskur Professor Male
Bodil Sjögreen Senior lecturer Female
Almut Kelber Professor Female
Anders Nilsson Researcher Male
Susanne Åkesson Professor Female
Honor Prentice Professor Female
Deputy teachers
Name Title Sex
Dan Nilsson Professor Male
Emma Kritzberg Associate senior lecturer Female
Christer Brönmark Professor Male
Anders Tunlid Professor Male
Klas Flärdh Senior lecturer Male
Lars Hederstedt Professor Male
Pål-Axel Olsson Senior lecturer Male
Staffan Bensch Professor Male
Regular TA-staff
Name Title Sex
Anne Fogelberg Research officer Female
Karin Johnson Technician Female
Deputy TA-staff
Name Title Sex
Ella Bohlin Economist Female
Carina Rasmussen 1st Laboratory technician Female
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