Report from the Nominating Committee

Our main goal was to find good and suitable candidates for the department board 2016-2018. We aimed for a balance between continuity and renewal when proposing the candidates and substitutes. To this end, we started by identifying those that had already served for two periods either as ordinary or substitute member of the previous boards with an objective of replacing these people. However, to keep some continuity, we needed to make some exceptions from this objective. Our second objective was to offer a second period to those that had only served for one period (this helps to maintain continuity). Neither this objective could be strictly adhered to as the grouping of people into different categories had changed since the last election. Formerly, the category “Researchers” was grouped with lecturers, now they are grouped into the category “other employees”. Because the category “other employees” may only contribute 2 ordinary members to the board whereas the lecturer contributes 8 members, all the former “Researchers” could not be offered a continuation on the board.

Among the 8 ordinary members in the category lecturers, we made sure that all of the sections were represented.

For the 4 representatives in the category “other employees” (2 ordinary and 2 substitutes), which is a large group, we identified 4 different but important functions at the Department. These were the categories Researchers, Employees at the museum, Technical and Administrative personnel. Thus, these functions got one representative each.

In summary, we believe that, in the future care should be taken to have a well-balanced board when it comes to gender and function but that a strictly balanced representation between former Departments (houses/sections) is largely redundant. It is time to see the department as one unit and to move forward in this spirit.

The Nominating Committee
Emily Baird; Sofia Hydbom; Jan-Åke Nilsson; Karin Rengefors; Marie Svensson; Claes von Wachenfeldt

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