Spring arrived right in time for the winter meeting

This Wednesday and Thursday, Biodiversity had their yearly winter meeting. This time it was in Smygehuk. Around 50 persons from the unit, the Biology museum and CEC, had gathered to listen to each other’s presentations.

We stayed at Smygehus havsbad, beautifully situated near the beach. The weather was really nice and it felt like the first real spring day. No problem to be outside without a coat.

Many people presented their research and the it was very interesting to learn what they do. Even if it is only one stair between my office and Biodiversity, I did not know much about the research upstairs. Now I do!


I heard about Ficus’ defence, clock genes and evolution, DNA and museum collections, hybridization in bryophytes, genes in orchids, Hymenoptera at Stora Karlsö, bees, land-use, SandLife, tillage, bird migration, birds at Hawaii, the beauty of spiders, 1006 species Hieracium, phylogeny and the museum, Bryophytes and sand pits, butterfly monitoring, ecosystem services and habitat restoration for the white stork and more.

In the morning the second day, there was time planned for excursions. I joined a group of bird watchers and had a very nice walk along the beach. That was refreshing and made us ready for listening to more interesting talks the rest of the day.

Thank you for a great “winter” meeting!

You find more photos at Flicr.

Text and photo by Inger Ekström
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