Xiaoqing Hou – new PhD student

My name is Xiaoqing Hou and I’m a new PhD student in the Pheromone Group since November last year, supported by a scholarship form CSC.

I’m from a small city in the north of China. I received my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Nanjing Agricultural University. My master major is Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control, and I focused on exploring the effects of biochar amendment to soil on feeding behavior and life history of Nilaparvata lugens.

The genes encoding olfactory receptors (ORs) are identified in many insects. Some ORs are highly specific and bind only a few odorants, while others are promiscuous, but we are far from understanding where in these receptors selectivity and sensitivity are encoded. In my PhD project I will study the functional significance of sequence variation in insect olfactory receptors (ORs).

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