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Applications to the Crafoord Foundation: How to fill out forms?

I am personally NOT applying for money from the Crafoord foundation but after having seen a number of forms filled out in different ways (which means that at least some of them are not filled out correctly) I had to create my own “faked application” to find out what they ask for and how the forms are constructed:

– To my understanding their “max 35 % overhead” is what they accept to be subtracted from the grant and it is approximately equivalent to the close to 55% OH that we will add to spendings during 2014. If you purchase chemicals for 10 000 they will cost you 15 500 after addition of 55 % OH (indirect costs during 2014 will be slightly lower than during 2013). The Crafoord foundation accepts 35 % subtracted from the 15 500 = 5 425 SEK.

So far so good.

However we do not charge any overhead on equipment (individual items that cost more than 20 000 SEK). Thus I think that it is wrong to write OH 35 % on these items. It makes things a bit complicated because it means that you really have to stick closely to your budget (which the foundation may ask you to do anyhow!). If you spend more on consumables and less on equipment, then you may not have money to cover the OH.

But if you ask for overhead on equipment (> 20 000 SEK) this reveals that you have not understood how our OH system works, which may give the foundation an unfavorable impression!

The head of department (me or the deputy) will sign forms that are correctly filled out if they are accompanied by at least the summary of your project and a “fullkostnadskalkyl” if you deliver the forms at “Prefektkansliet” – but do not try to find the Head of Department personally for “instant delivery”!

If you have questions ask “your administrator” (or contact the Foundation).

Good luck with your applications (it is always a good idea to read – and follow – the instructions carefully) !

Christer Löfstedt, Head of Department

februari 3, 2014

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