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Monika Englund – new PhD student


My name is Monika Englund and I will be conducting my PhD studies in evolutionary ecology with Christoffer Johansson as my main supervisor. Johan Revstedt and Kent Persson, both from the faculty of engineering, will be my assistant supervisors. The goal of my project is to develop computational fluid structure interaction models of bird feathers and the aim is to study how aerodynamically efficient passive aerodynamic control mechanisms of flight feathers are by using computational experiments.

I’m guessing that my educational background is quite unique at the department of biology since my M.Sc. is in mechanical engineering. What drew me to undergo my studies in engineering in the first place is my fascination for, and interest in, things that fly whether they are made of organic or inorganic material. And this interest is now what has led me to here.

I also look forward to learn more about the other different fields of biology that are studied at the department. I look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,
Monika Englund

mars 11, 2019

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