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Two positions in Animal Physiology, professor and senior lecturer open for application

The Department of Biology has a long tradition on research and education in animal cell biology and physiology. Within the next 4-6 years several of the professors and lecturer will retire. For building a competitive research program and securing the teaching excellence in animal physiology, we are now making two recruitments including a professor (dnr PA 2012/24 ) and a senior university lecturer (dnr PA 2012/25 ).

It is expected that the successful candidates will actively interact with other research groups at the Department of Biology. The department has excellent equipment for research in animal physiology including facilities for experiments on model animals, cell culturing, microscopy, electrophysiology and DNA sequencing, and a wind tunnel for animal flight research. A new laboratory for heterologous protein expression will be established during 2012. In addition, Lund University will host MAX IV, the national synchrotron radiation laboratory with excellent possibilities for research in structure biology and dynamic micro-imaging of living cells and organisms.

More information available on the Lund University web.

april 26, 2012

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