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Rishi Kumar Jaiswal – new postdoc

I did my Ph.D. from the school of life sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. A dwindling question around us that, can a single target in cancer cell result into a cancer cure? And the vast datasets and literature suggest a big “NO”. Factors like p53, NFкB, TGFβ, telomerase, uPA and several other players have been considered as a … Läs mer

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Jesús Ortega – new postdoc

I am a 32 years old postdoctoral researcher and did my PhD in the Natural History Museum of Madrid (MNCN, CSIC) on the mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation in the Iberian wall lizard species complex (Podarcis hispanicus). I am both a field and lab person whose previous work has focused on reptiles, and lizards in particular. Currently, I am working with … Läs mer

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Masahito Tsuboi – new postdoc

Hi! My name is Masahito Tsuboi. In the coming few years, I will be part of the Biology Department at Lund University (LU), studying the evolution of wing morphology in two insect lineages, the family Drosophilidae and the order Odonata, with Erik Svensson at LU and Thomas Hansen at University of Oslo. Personally, I think comparative studies are fascinating because … Läs mer

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Janne Swaegers – new postdoc

Hi everyone, I am Janne and will be working here the coming years as a postdoc. Together with Bengt Hansson I will be studying the factors that lead to genomic divergence between closely related and hybridizing damselfly species of the Ischnura genus. During and after my PhD at the University of Leuven (Belgium) I studied the evolutionary processes during range … Läs mer

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Maja Tarka is back as a researcher

Hi everyone! I am now back in Lund after a three year postdoc in Trondheim at NTNU, where I worked on evolvability of sexual dimorphism and consequences of sex on pace-of-life syndromes. I am an evolutionary ecologist with a focus on the genetic architecture and evolutionary dynamics of wild animal populations. I will now continue working on my favourite study … Läs mer

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“New” researcher – Júlio Manuel Neto

Hi everyone! After being a visiting post-doc for nine years, and subsequently teaching and working on several projects at Lund University, I am by now familiar to most people in this department! However, I’m starting a full-time contract as a researcher, and so let me present myself here again. I’m Júlio Manuel Malha Simões Neto, a researcher originally from Portugal, … Läs mer

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Visiting Ph.D. student – Anne-Lise Boixel

Hi everyone, I am Anne-Lise, a third-year Ph.D. student at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research visiting Erik Svensson’s group for three months (March–May 2018). My research falls at the interface of epidemiology and ecology with a long-standing interest in phenotypic variation among individuals and its consequences on population- and community- level processes. I have investigated this topic on … Läs mer

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Miguel Gómez – new postdoc

My name is Miguel Gómez, I did my PhD in intra- and interspecific interactions, looking at how they affect reproductive behaviours such as mate choice and sexual conflict and their evolutionary implications. Recently, I joined Erik Svensson group to study the effect of interspecific interactions allowing a guild of ecologically similar species of damselflies to coexist. Odonates are a really … Läs mer

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Robin Delhom – new researcher at LP3

Hej alla! My name is Robin Delhom and I just started a two year contract as ‘Forskare’ at the Molecular Cell Biology Unit in a collaboration project with the Lund Protein Production Platform (LP3) and the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS). I am French, 28, have done a master degree in organic chemistry followed by a PhD in membrane biophysics … Läs mer

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Frederike Hanke – new postdoc

My name is Frederike Hanke, originally I am from Germany where I have studied and worked in Freiburg, Bochum and Rostock. Just recently I have joined Almut Kelber’s group to investigate if octopus is able to perceive colors. Generally I am very interested in the visual and cognitive abilities of (semi)aquatic animals. For many years, I investigated the visual abilities … Läs mer

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