Protokoll från bibliotekets styrgruppsmöte 14/3 -19

Den 14 mars hade Biologibibliotekets styrgrupp möte. Då diskuterades bland annat bokslut 2018, offset-avtal, ny tjänst, nationell biblioteksstrategi, biblioteksundervisning och tjänstgöringsförslag. Läs mer i protokollet från mötet (pdf).

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New Director of Post-graduate Studies

Emma Kritzberg is now joining forces with Per Lundberg to be the assistant director of research studies, a role she is equally curious and excited about.

In addition, Annika Hecktor is gearing up to be the administrator connected to FUN and to be responsible for LADOK-registration for PhD students in the Ecology building. LADOK-registraton for PhD students in the Biology building remains with Katarina Nygren and Charlotta Thomeaus is taking care of ISP-records for all PhD students at the department.

For future errands to director of studies, please include both Per and Emma!

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Sven-Axel Bengtson 1944–2019

Zoologiska museets mångårige chef, Sven-Axel Bengtson, SAB, har avlidit i hemmet den 5 mars i år, 74 år gammal. Sven-Axel var professor i zoologi, något som han var mycket stolt över, och ofta framhöll. Han hade Läs mer

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Hjälpen är nära – kontakta något av våra labb

Tobias Uller

Idag ordnade SACT en presentation av institutionens infrastruktur. Tobias Uller som är ordförande i Biologiska institutionens InfrastrukturGrupp (BIG) hade samlat ihop de flesta av Läs mer

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It is fun to communicate science

Today, in a joint seminar arranged by both SACT and BECC, the science journalist Lisa Kirsebom talked about science communication and gave her best tips.

Lisa works as a free lance journalist and you have probably seen her as Läs mer

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Anna Lindkvist – new financial administrator

My name is Anna Lindkvist and I recently started working as a financial administrator at the Department of Biology. My desk will be at the Prefect Office until the beginning of April. After that you will find me in Biology building B, room B-B233, next to Katarina Nygren.

I’m a trained accounting consultant and I have worked with finance and administration for many years, mostly in the computer and construction business. When I saw the advertisement for this job it immediately caught my attention. What an inspiring place to work in! I was very happy to get this job and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and the work and research you do here.

I have three girls between the age of 7-12 and we live in Kävlinge outside Lund. I work as a group training instructor a couple of times a week and I also do crossfit. I like to go out running and going to the gym. Yes, I like to exercise, a lot, but I think it’s important, both physically and mentally. Exercise is a big key in keeping a healthy body and mind. So to those who go to Gerdahallen on your lunchbreak, I’ll be seeing you there!

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Monika Englund – new PhD student


My name is Monika Englund and I will be conducting my PhD studies in evolutionary ecology with Christoffer Johansson as my main supervisor. Johan Revstedt and Kent Persson, both from the faculty of engineering, will be my assistant supervisors. The goal of my project is to develop computational fluid structure interaction models of bird feathers and the aim is to study how aerodynamically efficient passive aerodynamic control mechanisms of flight feathers are by using computational experiments.

I’m guessing that my educational background is quite unique at the department of biology since my M.Sc. is in mechanical engineering. What drew me to undergo my studies in engineering in the first place is my fascination for, and interest in, things that fly whether they are made of organic or inorganic material. And this interest is now what has led me to here.

I also look forward to learn more about the other different fields of biology that are studied at the department. I look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,
Monika Englund

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Theo Kindeberg – new PhD student

Hi all!

My name is Theo Kindeberg and I have just started a PhD under the supervision of Pål Axel Olsson and Johan Hollander. I will be working in the EU project LIFECoastAdapt where I will study the ecosystem effects of coastal restoration actions.

My research interest revolves around coastal ecosystems in a changing world. Having spent countless hours in seagrass meadows has made me interested in the important ecosystem functions and services they sustain. During my PhD studies, I will primarily be exploring the effects of eelgrass (Zostera marina) restoration on biodiversity, beach morphology and wave- and current conditions.

When I’m not splashing around in the water, I enjoy hiking, biking and all things music. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

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Klimatförändringar som påverkar både lavar och fåglar

Idag ordnade SACT (gruppen för vetenskapliga aktiviteter) ett Tandem Talk med Ulf Arup och Åke Lindström. Först ut att prata var Ulf, vars grundskolelärare tidigt fick in Läs mer

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Jessica Knapp – new postdoc

Hej! My name is Jess and I am a new postdoc with Maj Rundlöf working on the effects of pesticide exposure on bees in farmland. I am interested in aspects of landscape ecology and biodiversity conservation; specifically, how changes in land management affect pollinator populations and pollination services. I have just moved here from the University of Exeter in the UK and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

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