New email look for blog posts

In the communication audit this spring, there were some confusion about emails coming from our blog and our newsletter. People had a hard time distinguish between the different emails. To make this easier, I have now changed the design of the Läs mer

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Minnesanteckningar från GUNs möte den 14/9 -14

Den 14 september hade grundutbildningsnämnden möte. Då diskuterades bland annat anonyma tentor,  kursutvärderingar, kurssammanställningar och nya kursplaner. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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Why Pub Einar?

Einar at home, back from a research trip to Sudan (1984)

Every Friday an email is sent out to everybody on the Biology department mailing list, saying that beer is available for after work “discussions”. Sometimes the event is called the Friday Pub, but for many years and still now Läs mer

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Dagordning för GUNs möte den 19/10 -18

Grundutbildningsnämnden har möte den 19 oktober klockan 13.15 i Synpunkten i Biologihus B. Följande står på dagordningen:

  1. Mötet öppnas
  2. Justeringsperson utses
  3. Fastställande av dagordningen
  4. Föregående mötes minnesanteckningar
  5. Meddelanden
  6. Aktuella ärenden
    Inledande diskussion om kursfordringar i våra
  7. Information från koordinatorerna
    • Kandidatprogram i biologi och mol biologi
    • Mastersprogram i biologi, mol biologi och bioinformatik
  8. Information från studievägledarna
  9. Information från fakultetens utbildningsnämnd
  10. Information om externa utbildningar
  11. Information från studieråden
  12. Inkomna kursutvärderingar och kurssammanställningar
  13. Nya kursplaner
  14. Kommande möten ht: 23 nov och 14 dec
  15. Övriga frågor
  16. Mötet avslutas
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Dagordning för styrelsemötet den 17/10 -18

Onsdagen den 17 oktober klockan 13.15 har institutionsstyrelsen möte i Stora konferensrummet i Ekologihuset. Följande står på dagordningen:

  1. Mötet öppnas
  2. Protokolljusterare utses
  3. Fastställande av dagordningen
  4. Föregående mötesprotokoll (bil.)
  5. Anhållan om att inrätta tillsvidareanställning:
    • Universitetslektor i Bioinformatik (bil.)
    • Självständig postdoktoral forskning inom KAW projektet “Molecular Interactions Controlling soil Carbon Sequestration – MICC (bil.)
  6. Forskningsstrategin Biologiska institutionen (bil.)
  7. Information
    • Tertialbokslut II (bil.)
    • Infrastruktur (bil.)
    • UL Växtekologi (bil.)
  8. Eventuellt övrigt
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Protokoll från styrelsemötet den 19/9 -18

Den 19 september hade institutionsstyrelsen möte. Då diskuterades bland annat CAnMoves tekniklab, anställningsärenden och Café Marina. Läs mer i protokollet från mötet (pdf).

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WINGS annual meeting October 25th

WINGS (Women IN Great Sciences) will hold their annual meeting on October 25th. This year’s theme is:

What happens in Lund, in Sweden and abroad when it comes to gender equality in academia?

Talks will be held in the Belfrage lecture hall at BMC, Floor D15, Klinikgatan 32.

Schedule and other details can be found here.

All are welcome to attend, but please register your participation here.

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Annika Hecktor – new financial administrator

Hi, I´m Annika Hecktor and I´ve just started my work as a financial administrator at the Department of Biology.

My desk will be in the Prefect Office for the first weeks and after that, you will find me somewhere in the corridors of Evolutionary ecology.

I´ve studied economics at the University of Lund , and now I´ve been working several years at Lunds kommun, with administration in a school in Genarp with children 6-15 years, mostly with economy and student registration.

Nature and animals are important things in my life. We have a bunch of dogs (Labradors) and I walk them, I train them, I run them in competitions and I use them as picking up dogs at bird shoots. I also shoot myself, but I prefer clay pigeons 😊. I spend many of my vacation days in the autumn outside, with my dogs and friends.

I live right outside Veberöd in a house high up at Romeleåsen, where deer live and our gravel road ends… And If you walk “Skåneleden” west of Veberöd – a trail with orange markings – you will pass our house!

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Himma Bakam – new PhD student

I am a new PhD student under the supervision of Professors Susanne Åkesson and
Åke Lindström. My research will focus on Winter Ecology and Movements of Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica. My research questions cover aspects of migration and connectivity of the swallows breeding in Europe and wintering in western and southern sub-saharan Africa.

I hold a Bachelors of Technology degree in Applied Zoology from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University and later earned a Masters degree in Conservation Biology from the A. P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, University of Jos, all in Nigeria.

I am getting to know everyone and I am looking forward to meeting those I am yet to, especially connecting to what each one is doing. I will be glad to chat with you on my research goal, and also learn and share from your experiences. I gradually like the coffee since I do not add much milk now.

See you around!

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Patrik Karell – guest researcher at MEEL and EvolEco

Hi, My name is Patrik Karell and I am an evolutionary ecologist from Finland. In August I brought my family with me and came to Lund University to work as a guest researcher here for a year. My aim is to collaborate with Staffan Bensch lab and Jan-Åke Nilsson’s lab within my Academy of Finland research fellowship project on tawny owls, colour polymorphism and adaptations to climate change.

Here in Lund we will together with postdoc Chiara Morosinotto focus mainly on lab work on tawny owl telomere dynamics and on development and implementation of a protocol to study ecological energetics and immunology of tawny owls under controlled conditions.

I am excited to be here in Lund to meet new people and learn more about what is going on here! …och jag är Finlandssvensk så svenska funkar bra!

See you around,

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