Make your research known

Hi everybody!

Last year the Department of Biology and its researchers figured quite a lot in media. Journalists and the public took interest in your results, your research projects and your opinions as experts on specific topics.
Hopefully your work will contribute to increase the Department’s visibility even more in 2018.
One of the things I work with is to try to help you to reach out to media and the public. It can be ongoing research as well as studies that have resulted in an article in a scientific magasine. If you know you will have an article published it is a big help if you contact me well in advance. Preferably about three weeks before the publishing date.
Another way to reach out is to use your expertise on current topics that are discussed in media. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions about how to approach media.
Finally, don’t forget The Conversation. It is a great chance to reach out with your popularly written scientific text. Lund University is a member of The Conversation which means that you can get assistance from one of their editors. Here you can read articles from Lund University on The Conversation.

Jan Olsson

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