Finding our internal websites and calendars

It seems like it is time to write a small explanation about how you find your way around our websites.

Our web pages are divided into external and internal websites in both Swedish and English. The external websites are directed to visitors NOT working at the Department of Biology, like students, researchers from other departments or universities, or the public at large.

The internal websites are for you who is working at the Department of Biology. Here you will find information you need for your employment and work as a PhD student, teacher, researcher, administrator or such. Our internal websites work in the same way as the Lund University’s central Staff pages.

You will also find calendars at our internal websites. These calendars are different from the external calendars. In the internal calendars, you will find nearly everything that is happening at the department. Besides to inform about what is happening, the internal calendars should also function as a help when you plan an event. It is not funny to have arranged an event and find out that all people are doing something else. Do not forget to inform me about what is happening.

You will find the internal websites at or at There are also links in the header at the external websites. If you have trouble finding our internal websites; use the links above and then create a bookmark or set the internal website as a start page in your browser.


I hope this will clarify things a bit,

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