Jan Olsson – new research journalist

Hi everybody!

My name is Jan Olsson and I’ve just started working at the Department of Biology as a research journalist. For many years I worked as a reporter and news editor at different media companies. For the last year I have been a press officer at the Faculty of Science at Lund University. My role at the Department of Biology involves working with text presentations and news for the department’s website.

Catch people’s interest

One of my first tasks is to write web presentations in Swedish for each research group at the department. The goal is to make sure that the public and your colleagues get relevant information presented in an interesting way on each group’s web page. Later, I will also work with individual researchers’ web pages. In other words, I will, in close cooperation with you, write presentations similar to popular summaries.

Make your research known

As well as working with presentations for the web, I’ll also keep my eyes open for news mainly based on your findings and research. The news will be published on the department’s website. In order to do this I will need your help. A lot depends on you as to whether or not your findings will reach out to a wider public. Very often I will not know anything about your research if you do not tell me. So please get in touch!

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