Markus Lindh – new postdoc


I did my PhD study at the Linnaeus University, Sweden and postdoc at
University of Hawaii on microbial ecology and oceanography characterizing
distribution patterns and responses to predicted climate change among
marine bacterial assemblages. In much of my recent work I applied
theoretical ecological frameworks such as metapopulation and metacommunity
models to understand biogeography of marine microbes.

Currently I am working with Charlie Cornwallis and Karin Rengefors among
others, in a collaborative interdisciplinary project on the genetic
mechanisms involved in the evolution of multicellularity in microbes. The
goal of this evolutionary ecology project is to determine what genetic
factors allow particular unicellular organisms to take the evolutionary
leap toward a multicellular life style, in particular in the model organism
Chlamydomonas sp. but also among other unicellular organisms carrying the
capacity to become multicellular.

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