“New” researcher – Júlio Manuel Neto

Hi everyone!

After being a visiting post-doc for nine years, and subsequently teaching and working on several projects at Lund University, I am by now familiar to most people in this department! However, I’m starting a full-time contract as a researcher, and so let me present myself here again.

I’m Júlio Manuel Malha Simões Neto, a researcher originally from Portugal, but with a DPhil awarded by Oxford University back in 2004. I have a broad interest in behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology, and work mostly on natural populations of marshland passerines. My main current projects focus on local adaptation and speciation in Reed Buntings, and on the migration and conservation of Aquatic Warblers. I often use multidisciplinary approaches such as genetic, acoustic and stable isotope analyses, as well as intensive field work involving bird ringing, nest finding etc. Otherwise, I’m a member of the Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team, a subject editor of Journal of Avian Biology, and maintain a constant-effort ringing site in Krankesjön!

During the next 1.5 years, I will study the temporal and geographical variation of the relationship between malaria infections and the variation and expression of immunity (MHC) genes in natural populations of House Sparrows. This is part of the ERC-funded project given to Helena Westerdahl, which focuses on host-parasite co-evolution. Hence, I’ll be available for some more time to interact with you all, and undertake fruitful collaborations!

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En dubbelnatur går i pension

Idag blev Stefan Pierzynowski avtackad då hans sista arbetsdag var igår. Sedan 1985 har Stefan jobbat på Läs mer

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New microscope inaugurated

David O’Carroll was pleased with the introduction talk.

Yesterday the department’s new confocal and light sheet microscope, the Leica TCS SP8 DLS, was inaugurated at a highly successful launch event held in Läs mer

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Visiting Ph.D. student – Anne-Lise Boixel

Hi everyone,

I am Anne-Lise, a third-year Ph.D. student at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research visiting Erik Svensson’s group for three months (March–May 2018).

My research falls at the interface of epidemiology and ecology with a long-standing interest in phenotypic variation among individuals and its consequences on population- and community- level processes. I have investigated this topic on a variety of organisms including aphids, plants and fungal pathogens during my previous research positions (as a part of my bachelor and master programs that I conducted between France and the Netherlands).

I am currently studying responses and adaptation of plant pathogen populations to changes in thermal conditions at various spatio-temporal scales combining field, greenhouse and lab experiments.

At Lund University with Erik, I will further explore how thermal changes and population dynamics jointly influence patterns of phenotypic variations using a theory-driven modelling approach.

I am really delighted to be here and I look forward to the upcoming months working with all of you!

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Protokoll från Biologibibliotekets styrgruppsmöte 14/2 -18

Biologibibliotekets styrgrupp hade möte den 14 februari. Då diskuterades bland annat bokslut och universitetets biblioteksstyrelsemöte. Läs mer i protokollet från mötet (pdf).

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Kommentar till dekanbrevet

Dagens dekanbrev om UKÄ´s nya system för kvalitetssäkring av svensk högre utbildning kommer antagligen att ge styrelse, prefekt och lärare en del Läs mer

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Dagordning till FUNs möte den 7/3 -18

Forskarutbildningsnämnden har möte den 7 mars klockan 14.00 i Synpunkten i Biologihus C. Följande står på dagordningen:

  1. BLAM 2018
  2. NUF och ISP:n
  3. Plagieringsblanketten
  4. Introduktionskursen 2018
  5. FUN-möten vt 2018
  6. Poäng i forskarutbildningen (180 + 60 = 240) – rapport från en diskussion med
    Tobias Nilsson
  7. UKÄ:s kommande utvärderingar av universitetens “kvalitetssäkring”. Men oavsett statens och myndigheternas föreställningar om “kvalitet” så skulle vi kunna att på allvar fundera på
    • Är vår FU bra? I så fall varför?
    • Vad är det som (verkligen) inte fungerar i vår FU?
    • Vad är det absolut viktigaste att ändra på eller förbättra?
  8. Ev. övrigt
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Miguel Gómez – new postdoc

My name is Miguel Gómez, I did my PhD in intra- and interspecific interactions, looking at how they affect reproductive behaviours such as mate choice and sexual conflict and their evolutionary implications. Recently, I joined Erik Svensson group to study the effect of interspecific interactions allowing a guild of ecologically similar species of damselflies to coexist. Odonates are a really good system to study sexual selection, and I’m looking forward to investigate the role of interspecific reproductive interference and sexual harassment in species coexistence.

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Dagordning styrelsemötet 28/2

Den 28 februari klockan 13.15 har institutionsstyrelsen möte i konferensrum B327 (Synpunkten), Biologihuset. Utöver inledande formalia står följande på dagordningen: anhållan om inrättande av tillsvidareanställningar, rekrytering av lärare – beskrivning av processen, psykosocial skyddsrond, institutionens synpunkter på LUNA:s förslag om anonyma tentor och storlek på examinerande moment, bokslut 2017, informationsärenden, eventuellt övrigt. Dagordningen i sin helhet (pdf).

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Protokoll från styrelsemöte 20/12-17

Institutionsstyrelsen hade möte den 20 december. Bland annat diskuterades anställningsärende, budget 2018, studierektorer för GU- och forskarutbildning, Marie Dacke tackades för sina insatser i samband med jubileumskursen under universitetets 350-årsjubileum. Läs mer i protokoll från mötet (pdf).

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