Communication opinions differ, as always

Thank you all for your response to the communication audit! I take it that you are curious about the result and what we are going to do about it. Some of you are Läs mer

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Populära örter på populär växtexkursion


Idag ordnade SACT (the Scientific Activities group) en örtexkursion till Abusadalen för att plocka ätliga växter. I många länder är det en tradition att gå ut på våren och Läs mer

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A day full of senses

Head of the unit Olle Anderbrant in his role as head of the organisers.

Yesterday the unit Functional Zoology had their unit day. Or rather half a day. During the afternoon we learnt Läs mer

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Rishi Kumar Jaiswal – new postdoc

I did my Ph.D. from the school of life sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. A dwindling question around us that, can a single target in cancer cell result into a cancer cure? And the vast datasets and literature suggest a big “NO”. Factors like p53, NFкB, TGFβ, telomerase, uPA and several other players have been considered as a potential therapeutic window but still the disease standing tall. This also bowed us to change our approach towards the disease, time to time. My doctoral work focused on the functional connection of two major tumor determinants: telomerase catalytic domain (TERT) and urokinase-type plasminogen activator and their therapeutic relevance in cancer therapy. I tried to correlate these two important pro-survival factors in cancer cells and how they interrelate and share the space in cellular processes. TERT has been prominently discussed in terms of life expectancy and its differential expression in 90% of cancers places it in the league of a potential therapeutic target for cancer. Reactivating telomerase is not the only way to obtain cellular immortality, around 10-15% of tumor cells maintain their telomere length over many population doublings in the absence of telomerase. Rather than reactivating telomerase, these cells use alternative mechanisms to maintain their chromosome ends which are collectively known as Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT). The existence of ALT changes our view towards anti-cancer therapies and development of an effective treatment will benefit by addressing the ALT-pathways. I joined Marita Cohn’s group as a postdoc fellow where I will be studying how telomeres are maintained in the telomerase knockout cells by using yeast as a model system. I will be focused on the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of telomere maintenance.

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Nils Malmer 1928–2018

Foto: Bengt Söderström

Texten korrigerad 2018-05-14

Professor emeritus Nils Malmer avled 17 april, 89 år gammal. Nils utvecklade redan under sin småländska uppväxt ett stort intresse för botanik. Han studerade i Lund och disputerade här 1962 i botanik på en avhandling om myrvegetationen på Åkhultmyren i Småland.  Åren 1952-1955 vikarierade Läs mer

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Jesús Ortega – new postdoc

I am a 32 years old postdoctoral researcher and did my PhD in the Natural History Museum of Madrid (MNCN, CSIC) on the mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation in the Iberian wall lizard species complex (Podarcis hispanicus). I am both a field and lab person whose previous work has focused on reptiles, and lizards in particular.

Currently, I am working with Anna Runemark as a postdoctoral researcher in the Evolutionary Ecology of Plant-Insect Interactions research group. We focus on host plant races of Tephritis conura flies and combine methods from evolutionary and chemical ecology and genomics. We aim to investigate the build up of epistatic interactions and the relative roles of regulatory and coding divergence at different stages along the speciation continuum but also the underlying basis of host plant preference.

My Researchgate profile.

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Another year, another State of the Union

Last Friday Christer Löfstedt held his State of the Union talk. To be fair more of a State of the Department talk, where Chriter talked about Läs mer

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Minutes from the BDR meeting 17/4 -17

The Biology doctoral students council had a meeting 17 April. Among other things they discussed the Introductory course for PhD students, representations in different boards, updated guide for PhD students, invited guest speaker and social events. Read more in the minutes from the meeting (pdf).

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Dagordning till FUNs möte den 2/5

Den 2 maj klockan 14.00 har forskarutbildningsnämnden möte i Synpunkten i Biologihus B. Följande står på dagordningen:

  • Meddelanden
  • BLAM 2018 – hur gick det?
  • Allmänna studieplanen – uppdatering av läget
  • Stipendiefinansiering – nya regler i HF (dokument bifogade)
  • Planering inför Visionsmötet
  • Ev. övrigt
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Minnesanteckningar från FUNs möte den 4/4 -18

Den 4 april hade forskarutbildningen möte. Då diskuterades bland annat UKÄs utvärdering, BDR-möte, BLAM, Ladok 3, licentiater och visionsmötet. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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