Dagordning för styrelsemötet den 20/9 -17

Den 20 september klockan 13.15 har institutionsstyrelsen möte i Synpunkten i Biologihus B. Följande står på dagordningen:

  1. Mötet öppnas
  2. Protokolljusterare utses
  3. Fastställande av dagordningen
  4. Föregående mötes protokoll (bil.)
  5. Anhållan om tillsvidareanställning:
    • Forskningsingenjör,100% (bil.)
    • Luigi Gentile, forskare 100% (bil.)
    • Maja Tarka, forskare 100% (bil.)
    • Michael Tobler, projektkoordinator 50% (bil.)
  6. Halvårsbokslut och prognos
    • Biologiska institutionen, exklusive Biologiska museet (bil.)
    • Biologiska museet (bil.)
  7. Information
    • Läraranställningar
    • Kartläggning och analys av myndighetskapital 2017
  8. Eventuellt övrigt
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Protokoll från styrelsemötet 31/5 -17

Institutionsstyrelsen hade möte den 31 maj. Då diskuterades bland annat anställningsärenden, kvartalsbokslut, budget och jämställdhetsplan. Läs mer i protokollet från mötet (pdf).

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Tobias Hartman – new intern

I am a 22 year old from the Netherlands. My research interests mostly focus on
evolutionary biology, taxonomy and systematics. I am currently doing the Master
specialisation “Evolution, Biodiversity and Conservation” at the University of
Leiden. My second year of this Master consists of a research project here at the
University of Lund concerning a multiplex PCR approach on unresolved
relationships of moths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) under the supervision of Niklas
Wahlberg and co-supervision of Hamid Ghanavi.

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Humberto Itriago – new PhD student

Hello to everyone reading this blog. My name is Humberto Itriago, I am a 24 years old and come from Caracas, Venezuela. I recently graduated from Simón Bolívar University’s Biology degree and within the program I have gathered knowledge from different areas of biology but focused in Molecular Biology studies, having my Master’s dissertation in Telomere Biology. I will now continue my studies working with Docent Marita Cohn (Molecular Cell Biology Unit, Genetics Group) in different projects related to the maintenance of yeast telomeres and the genetic requirements for alternative lengthening of telomeres.

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Rachel Thomson – new intern

My name is Rachel and I’m currently on a Placement year here in Lund, for the third year of my Bachelors degree. In England, I am studying Biology at the University of Manchester. I have a wide range of interests, including Evolution, Development and Neuroscience. I will be an intern with Erik Svensson.

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Matilda Pembury Smith – new intern

My name is Matilda Pembury Smith. I am currently in my third year at The University of Manchester in the UK reading Zoology. My main areas of interest are sexual selection and mimicry between organisms. I will be an intern with Erik Svensson.

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Aivar Cirulis – new PhD student

I am a 25 year old guy from Riga, Latvia. I did my Bachelor at the University of Latvia and my Master at Uppsala University. I am interested in studying sex differences, sexual selection and evolution and development of sex.

My PhD project ”The genomic basis of the response to sex-limited selection in a hermaphrodite” will be conducted at the Section for Evolutionary Ecology under supervision of Dr. Jessica Abbott and co-supervised by Prof. Bengt Hansson and Dr. Nils Cronberg. The aim of this project will be to investigate the genetics of sex differences using experimentally evolved populations of the hermaphroditic flatworm Macrostomum ligano that have been selected for male or female fitness.

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Illiam Jackson – new postdoc

I’m Illiam Jackson and have just started my position as a post-doc with the
Uller Group after completing my PhD at Uppsala University. My PhD was an
investigation into morphological evolution in the Cambrian. It focused on
exploring concepts in evolutionary theory not previously examined in a
palaeontological context such as stabilizing selection and genetic assimilation.

Using a morphometric approach to quantifying and analyzing changes of shape
between closely related species as well as within a single species through time,
the project illustrated the potential for new modes of analysis that quantify
morphological variation along continuous spectra rather than into discrete units
and characters.

The interpretation of the project’s results was conducted in the conceptual
framework of the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis and identified patterns of
phenotypic plasticity and subsequent accommodation, or genetic assimilation,
consistent with those predicted by a model of evolution that incorporates a
reciprocal relationship between development and environment. In other words, the
results suggest that developmental bias and phenotypic plasticity may play very
important roles in evolution even, or especially, across geological timescales.

My work with the Uller Group will continue the study of these topics as well as
working towards synthesizing this deep-time perspective with the fields of
evolutionary biology and theory. I will also be collaborating with other group
members by employing and developing the morphometric methods mentioned above in
the study of extant organisms.

I have a broad background in evolutionary biology and even broader interest so
please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss or ask anything,
or have ideas for potential collaboration!

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Traditionell slåtter runt Ekologihuset

Gårdagens slåtter av ängarna runt Ekologihuset blev av trots vädret. Regnet upphörde i lagom tid till det var dags att sätta igång med SACTs slåttergille. Själva gillet bestod Läs mer

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Gustaf Ekelund Ugge – new PhD student

My name is Gustaf Ekelund Ugge, and I have now re­turned to the Aquatic Ecology group to do my PhD. I did my bachelor and master studies at Lund University, with a main focus on ecotoxicology. In 2015 I gained a Master’s degree in biology and ecology, and have since been working for Toxicon, an environmental con­sultant agency, with ecotoxicological testing and environmental risk assessment.

My research will focus on application of transcriptomics in assessment of environmental pollution, and will be part of a collaboration project involving Lund University and University of Skövde, as well as two private companies, Toxicon and TATAA Biocenter.

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