Amanda Pettersen – new postdoc

Hej, I am a new postdoc fellow in Tobias Uller’s group. Despite the Scandinavian last name, I am originally from Australia and hardly speak a word of Swedish!

I recently completed my PhD in the Marine Evolutionary Ecology Group at Monash University in Melbourne. My PhD work combined life-history and metabolic theories, where I worked on maternal energy investment strategies in fish and marine invertebrates. I am now shifting to a terrestrial system in wall lizards where I will work on mechanisms underlying maternal effects that facilitate rapid, counter-gradient adaptation.

I’m looking forward to meeting people in the biology/evolutionary ecology department at Lund, and learning about the work that goes on here. I’m particularly interested in physiology, developmental biology and life-history theory, but am also keen to know any tips you might have on adjusting to Swedish life, plus any good hiking and diving spots in Europe!

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