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Anna Lindkvist – new financial administrator

My name is Anna Lindkvist and I recently started working as a financial administrator at the Department of Biology. My desk will be at the Prefect Office until the beginning of April. After that you will find me in Biology building B, room B-B233, next to Katarina Nygren.

I’m a trained accounting consultant and I have worked with finance and administration for many years, mostly in the computer and construction business. When I saw the advertisement for this job it immediately caught my attention. What an inspiring place to work in! I was very happy to get this job and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and the work and research you do here.

I have three girls between the age of 7-12 and we live in Kävlinge outside Lund. I work as a group training instructor a couple of times a week and I also do crossfit. I like to go out running and going to the gym. Yes, I like to exercise, a lot, but I think it’s important, both physically and mentally. Exercise is a big key in keeping a healthy body and mind. So to those who go to Gerdahallen on your lunchbreak, I’ll be seeing you there!

mars 12, 2019

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