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Carolina Pacheco – new postdoc

Portrait of Caroline Pacheco. Photo.

Hej everyone! My name is Carolina Pacheco, and I am a postdoc with Bengt Hansson in the evolutionary ecology and infection biology section and Hernán Morales in the section for hologenomics at the Globe Institute (Copenhagen).

My background is in population and landscape genomics, and I am passionate about understanding the dynamics of genetic erosion in wild populations. Specifically, I focus on disentangling the drivers of spatial and temporal patterns of genetic diversity. Currently, my research involves studying two Mauritian birds: the pink pigeon and the echo parakeet. However, I aim to expand my research to include other species facing different conservation challenges.

In my free time, I love dancing, hiking, enjoying a good book with a cup of tea, going for a beer with friends, and, very recently, I have started crocheting (which means I also spend some time undoing what took me a week to do).

maj 27, 2024

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