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Equality group recommends: Petition against binary definition of sex

The woman and man sign entwined.
Image created by AnonMoos.

The United States is currently planning to introduce a proposal to enforce a binary definition of sex in the country. Under the proposal, a person will be assigned to a given sex based on genital shape, regardless of whether they have an intersex phenotype or not and regardless of their later gender preference. This proposal has no basis in science:

If you would like to protest the proposal, you can sign a petition here:

november 3, 2018

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  1. Per Lundberg

    Irrespective of my personal stance in the question and problem at hand, I find it problematic that political petitions are (semi-)officially circulated at a governmental workplace like ours.

    This also easily opens up for petitions, rallies and othe political manifestation beyond our official mandate, and on issues and with opinions that the majority of our emplyeess don’t share.

    Finally, however devastating, pitch-black, and utterly harrowing the current politics in the US, it is not really for us, as a governmental institution, to endorse and facilitate statements against another nation.

    Privately, we may sign whatever we want, but our department shouldn’t unquestioned stand behind and facilitate and endorse.

  2. Jessica Abbott

    I see your point. However this post is not intended to suggest that the department has taken an official (or even unofficial) stand on this issue. It is rather intended to communicate relevant information to those who are interested in equality issues.

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