Johanna Stedt – new PhD student

My name is Johanna Stedt and I’m a new Ph.D. student at the unit of Aquatic Ecology. I took my master’s degree in marine biology here at Lund University a few years ago and feel very excited to be back. During my master project I studied the distribution and behaviour of the harbour porpoise and my PhD-project will build on those studies. In my research I will focus on the ecology and social group structure of the harbour porpoise. My supervisor is Per Carlsson, with Anders Nilsson as my co-supervisor.

I live together with my boyfriend in Mölle, a small fishing village at the foot of Kullaberg nature reserve in the north-western part of Scania. Although it’s an hour’s drive to Lund I can’t imagine living somewhere else. I grew up in a nearby village and after having lived a few years in Lund and Malmö I love to again have Kullaberg, with the ocean and it’s dramatic nature, at my doorstep. This is also where I spend most of my spare time – diving, hiking, horse riding or just sitting on the rocks looking out over the ocean trying to spot some porpoises.

Looking forward to meeting you!
/ Johanna

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