Masahito Tsuboi – new postdoc


My name is Masahito Tsuboi. In the coming few years, I will be part of the
Biology Department at Lund University (LU), studying the evolution of wing
morphology in two insect lineages, the family Drosophilidae and the order
Odonata, with Erik Svensson at LU and Thomas Hansen at University of Oslo.

Personally, I think comparative studies are fascinating because they allow us to
explore the phenotypic diversity across the entire tree of life. This initially
motivated me to conduct a phylogenetic comparative study back in 2009 with
Niclas Kolm at Uppsala University (now he is at Stockholm University) as part of
my MSc degree project. I continued there as a PhD doing phylogenetic
comparative studies on brain sizes in cichlids, pipefishes and seahorses. On a
more technical side, I am concerned over the sharp divide between micro- and
macroevolutionary biologists. My project in Lund will use a combination of
phylogenetic comparative method and quantitative/population genetic theories and
tools to reduce the divide among evolutionary biologists interested in
phenomena at different time scales.

I will be mostly in Oslo for the first two years, and only be regularly present
at Lund in my third year. Nevertheless, I am very excited to be part of the
institution and am very much looking forward to share ideas and thoughts over
the coming years with you!

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