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New PhD student – Isa Hendriks

Portrait of Isa Hendriks. Photo.

Hey there! I’m Isa and I just started as a PhD student at the Functional ecology division where I will be supervised by Erik Selander. My background is in physics, which I also studied in Lund. I specialised in optics and spent a year at CERN in Geneva, where I worked with laser ionisation. This was a bit too abstract for me, and since I had always been interested in the intersection of technology and nature I decided to write my master’s thesis at the bio-photonics group in Lund. For this project I designed an instrument that captures backscattered sunlight from free-flying insects.

Now, I get to continue working on the intersection of physics and biology for this PhD project, which will be about in-situ zooplankton imaging. I am super excited to get to work at the Department of Biology in Lund, and look forward to all the cool projects that I will get to work on the next years!

Besides playing with lasers, I enjoy going for a swim at one the many great bathing spots in Malmö, play the piano or go spend some time in nature with my camper.

maj 8, 2024

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