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Nils Ceberg – new PhD student

Portrait of Nils Ceberg. Photo.

Hello! I’m Nils Ceberg and I am the latest PhD student addition to Stanley Heinze’s lab in the Vision Group, where I will be studying potential memory mechanisms for path integration using modelling and computer simulation.

My background is in computer science and engineering, but I have always been interested in neuroscience and biology and found my way to Stanley’s group in 2022 to do my master’s thesis on path integration memory in an artificial nano-scale imitation of circuitry found in insect brains. After getting my degree and spending a year and a half working on interesting systems in the software industry, I still felt that I would rather apply my skills in science, and I’m very excited to be back and to pick up where I left off with my master’s thesis.

In summer I enjoy spending time in my little allotment garden in Gunnesbo, and in colder weather I can often be found tinkering with something computer-related but I am also currently rediscovering my love for books.

maj 29, 2024

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