Roman Zug – new postdoc

Hej! I‘m a theoretical evolutionary biologist and a new postdoc in Tobias
Uller‘s group. During my PhD at Humboldt University, Berlin, I worked on bacteria
called Wolbachia, which are famous for ingeniously interfering with arthropod
reproduction and development. In the course of this work, I became increasingly
fascinated by the diverse interplay between evolution and development
. Therefore, I am now shifting to the exciting field of evolutionary
developmental biology (evo-devo).

Here at Lund I‘ll focus on one of evo-devo‘s central topics: phenotypic
plasticity. In particular, I‘m interested in a form of plasticity where
environmental variation gives rise to discrete alternative phenotypes, so-called
polyphenisms. I aim to reveal how polyphenisms evolve by modeling the evolution
of their underlying developmental regulatory architecture.

More generally, I‘m interested in studying the interface between evo-devo and
systems biology, and I think Lund is a fantastic place for this.

I‘m looking forward to meeting new people here at the biology department and
elsewhere, and to discovering a bit of Sweden‘s amazing nature and culture. Last
but not least, I‘m exited to go on extensive road bike tours and do the

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