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Yun-Ting Jang – new PhD student

A person is standing behind a wood sign with Chinese signs and a text saying Shiretoko World Natural Heritage.

I am Yun-Ting and I am starting my PhD studies in theoretical ecology with Mikael Pontarp as my main supervisor. We are going to explore further about how different environmental, temporal and spatial factors can interact and shape those intriguing community patterns, both from ecological and evolutionary perspectives.

I am myself not a “pure blood” in the field of theoretical ecology. I did my Bachelor in both Life science and Energy Engineering back home in Taiwan, then I went to Tübingen, Germany for a master’s degree in Evolution and Ecology. For my thesis, I worked with GEOMAR and stayed in Hokkaido for 6 months, studying about how ocean temperature would affect the feeding preference of a dominant marine herbivore and the effect on primary producers—generally I was always trying, moving, and searching— and now here I am , in Lund, thinking that I have found a place that I could slow down a bit and start digging deeper into the immense knowledge underneath the surface. I am looking forward to it!

Besides doing science, I am a nature lover in everyday life, which means that I enjoy outdoor activities especially hiking. In the past year I had the chance to learn more about the ocean, so I would like to get in more touch with her as now she is always nearby. 😊

I am happy to introduce myself and hope that I can meet you in person sooner or later!

september 4, 2019

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