Life, the Universe and Everything


Not 42 but 20 speakers helped us to find answers to many questions at the Evolutionary Ecology Christmas meeting at Örenäs Castle. The unit spent all Monday and half Tuesday at the castle and learnt a lot.


Did you for example know that there is a correlation between the moustache size, alcohol and the number of articles published? If not, ask Utku Urhan the pub master of Pub Einar. Jessica Abbott conducted a survey about what life really is before she talked about the definition of “life”.


Some other memorable talks were about self-aware great tits (or not?), what is a species, and the irreducible uncertainty in ecology. As usual, Per Lundberg conducted a quiz in the evening. This year the theme was discipline. It was hard, but the winning team had an honourable 15 points out of 19.


It was s great meeting with interesting talks, very good food and nice surroundings. Thank you Jan-Åke Nilsson, Per Lundberg and Anne Fogelberg for arranging it.


You will find more photos at Flickr.


Text and photos by Inger Ekström
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