10 years with CAnMove – so far, so good, so long

Up, up, and away! Susanne Åkesson is talking about the future.

Yesterday the Linné project CAnMove (Centre for Animal Movement) celebrated its first 10 years with a conference for present and former CAnMovians.

CAnMovians are not afraid of snow.

Around 50 people listened to seminars in the Blue hall during the day. There were seminars about birds, immunology, fish, genetics, magnetoreceptions, flies and more. All on the theme migration and movement.

Bengt Hansson acted as chair and kept an eye on the time.

When CAnMove started 10 years ago, the intention was that the project would run until now – if it was successful. And it has been! Something that many experts in the field have testified.

The project’s coordinator Susanne Åkesson, yesterday, gave a presentation and summed up these 10 years. CAnMove has done a lot of things, created many collaborations, arranged numerous workshops, seminars and conferences. The researchers have reached out with their results and been mentioned in the news all over the world.

One of the speakers, Mikkel Willemoes, talked about migrations and seasonal resources.

The money will last this year, what will happen in the future is up to the CAnMovians.


“Thank you for ten exciting years! It is time to move on”, Susanne concluded.


But the conference was not over with these words. After the talks, there was a poster session, a conference buffet and lots of time for discussions.

… and more discussions. Just as it should be on a conference.

Christina Rengefors and Helena Osvath did a great job with the arrangements, as always.

A lot of interesting posters were up for discussions.

Susanne Åkesson has been CAnMoves coordinator for 10 years.

Text and photo by Inger Ekström
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