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A great BLAM this year too


Yesterday I visit the second day of Biology in Lund Annual Meeting, the meeting for, with and by our PhD-students. One of the invited lecturers, Hanne Ingmer from Copenhagen University, started the day with a talk about pathogen bacteria and how they adapt to stressful environments.


After the coffee break I was keen to listen to the doctoral students. During the day I heard a lot of fantastic talks about such diverse things as ectomycorrhizal fungi, transfer of antibodies, genetic variations, degrading uracil, pheromones, bird flight, habitat fragmentation and amoebas among others.


This year the award for best presentation, 10 000 SEK, was given to Max Lundberg. And 8 000 SEK for the best poster was awarded to Therese Reber, who even followed Lund University’s graphical profile! Great work Max and Therese.


During the dinner the different teams from the evening mingle the day before, had a chance to perform their Biology jingle. I am sorry to say that I cannot remember the name of the performing teams, but here are the jingles. If anybody remember the team names, feel free to comment. And the winning jingle was jingle number 7. All links below are mp3-files.

There was also a quiz the previous evening and team Cosy Coexistence won it. All team members got the book “Grön Skog”. Congratulations!

A person is standing looking at something not showing.

A big thanks to the organizing committee for a wonderful day and evening.