A white Christmas meeting with the Aquatic Ecology unit

Yesterday, the Aquatic Ecology unit went to Karlaby Kro for their Christmas meeting. The two previous years they have been in the Ecology Building, but now it was time to go somewhere else.

The meeting started with a completely new lecture series, the Thunmark lecture. Christer Brönmark had invited Lars Tranvik, limnologist at Uppsala University to give a talk about organic matter.

The first day included a lot of talks about everything from iron and salinity gradients to eelgrass. Apart from the obvious aquatic model organisms, like daphnias and all kind of fish, we also heard about birds! Is this the reason there were so few bird talks at Evolutionary Ecology’s Christmas meeting? Are these talks now held in other units?


There were talks about results from finished investigations, talks about ongoing research and talks about upcoming studies. Both master students, PhD students as well as senior lecturers gave talks.

Every year the Aquatic Ecology elect the person who will receive the Titanic Award. The award goes to the person that had done the most stupid thing during the year. In close competition Nan Hu won the election for his severe belly jump in the Bahamas.

Instead of talks there were workshops/discussions the second day. First out was Jan Olsson who talked and answered questions about how to reach out to media. After that Christer Brönmark and Emma Kritzberg held a workshop about writing the perfect title for a scientific paper.

Beside all the talks there was of course a lot of food, mingle and research discussions. All in all, a very successful stay at Karlaby Kro. We left when the snow started to fall with a lot more knowledge about aquatic ecology.

A big thank you to all the organizers!

Text and photo Inger Ekström
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