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Biology at the Culture Night – a success again

The Culture-night (Kulturnatten) was again a huge success! With activities at the Biology show, Experimentera (the experiment tents at Sölvegatan) and the Botanical Garden. In all probably around 10.000 people visited “Naturvetarstråket”.

The Biology show had a full-house every time, as always! The afternoon shows were open also for smaller kids, whereas in the evening the audience was mainly adults. In addition, when the show-crew brought out some of the animal-stars (Royal pythons) to the visitors around the experimental tents it was a great success. The most amazing performance, though, was probably by Marie Dacke, who managed do a number of afternoon Biology-shows before hurrying down to win the Science-slam, twice, in an outstanding way! And then back to the evening shows again. But she was well backed up by Låtta Skogh (from NE), Olle Lind, Therese Reber, Olle Lind, Mindaugas Mitkus and the volunteers (see below).

The biology experiments included some old favourites, e.g. “Guess the shit” and “The optical pendulum”, and again the microscopes with Euglena (small, green and mobile) and spiders were popular. The “Whos skull?” was again sponsored by the Zoological museum (now sadly packing down all their wonderful things), and especially the skull of a giraffe caused some interesting guesses (“- Could it be a Triceratops?”). Some new ideas from the students were added: Fresh water aquarium (with not so red crayfish!) and Tree-of-life game on computer.

The Botanical Garden opened up during the evening. From 6 pm to 9 pm the visitors could stroll in the tropical greenhouses and around in a magical garden, lit up by hundreds of lights! Also this year there was live music, this time on didgeridoo, which created a great atmosphere. Visitors could try local apple varieties and get all kinds of guidance from the staff and helping students.

Great thanks to all who put so much effort into all these wonderful arrangements!

And here are all the volunteers who made this possible:
Alexander Berg
Anna Nordén
Beita Gomez
Caely Truong
Caroline Sjöström
Daniel Olofsson
Elin Pettersson
Emelie Ljungberg
Emilia Berndtsson
Jakob Engman
Johan Svantesson
Johanna Emgård
Kim Berndt
Kiril Nikolov
Kristine Öritsland Våge
Lisa Nilsson
Louise Slot Christiansen
Madeleine Nilsson
Mengyi Ella Wang
Nataliia Kulatska
Saghar Khandan
Sebastian Wasserström

written by Jep Agrell

september 29, 2011

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