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Mission statement from the administration

I have now spent the first weeks getting to know as much as I can about the organization and the people operating in it, and since the first of November I have moved into the office of administrative manager. We have outlined the administrative work ahead of us and established the four key words – structure (organization), competence, flexibility and service as our mission statement.

The first change you will see is an array on the administrative web page in English and in Swedish which aims to clarify who to contact in different matters. The first function, finances/administrator is the person closest to the unit and likely the one to turn to in most cases, and then the HR and budget & forecast help out with more specialized matters. As you see Anne is still listed as HR administrator for her units but that will change, as I mentioned last week, to Sara by the end of 2018.

This is hopefully helpful for you and a start for us to build an administrative structure that makes everyday life easier for all of us.

// Joakim Nilsson

november 20, 2018

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