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Researchers in badminton tournament

Some people are standing in a gym hall. Photo.
All agreeing on base rules of the game.

On the 24th of March of 2022 first MEEL badminton championship took place! We played doubles in an eliminatory tournament scheme in Victoria stadium. In total, we were 12 pairs.

Text and photo Kristaps Sokolovskis

A person is standing in a gym hall. Photo.
Elsie getting ready to kick some ass.
A person is holding a badminton racket. Photo.
Main organiser David.
Three people are sitting on a bench. Photo.
Team ”Ann-Kathrin & Linus” realising how little points they have earned.
Three people in a gym hall. Photo.
Pablo being optimistic despite the odds. Fake it till you make it.
Two smiling people. Photo.
Elsie starstruck to get a photo with MEEL boss Staffan.
Four people in a gym hall. Photo.
Quarter finals match up: Youth vs Experience! Youth lost, but they got some experience.
Some people sitting on the floor in a gym hall. Photo.
Some of the eliminated people from the “loser corner” watching the final matches and smiling despite everything.
Four people standing on each side of a badminton net. Photo.
Final match! Two teams that steamrolled their way to the top! Unsurprisingly “Charlie & Olof” and to everyone’s surprise the underdogs “Erik & Staffan” took to the finals with a blitzkrieg!
Two people standing together with a badminton racket. Photo.
The Champions in all their glory!
Two people are holding a statuette each. Photo.
After a beautiful game full of suspense Charlie and Olof earned the cup!


maj 18, 2022

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