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State of our Biology Union 2022

Sittande folk på rad. Foto.

On June 16 we were all invited to the Blue Hall for an hour filled with information spanning from organisation to strategic goals for our department.

Jessica Abbott opened up, Joakim Nilsson, Tobias Uller, Jep Agrell, Klas Flärdh and Carin Jarl-Sunesson each spoke on different matters – and what lies ahead. For instance, the uncertainties pertaining to our economy in conjunction with the faculty move to Brunnshög and Science Village. How will this effect academic staffing and recruitment? For now, though, things are looking good. The department will invest in helping researchers at the beginning of their career.

iddleaged balding person in the middle of a speach. Photo.
Joakim Nilsson talked about the organisation of our department.
Person with long pink hair. Photo.
Jessica Abbott talked about our strategic goals – and actions – for the future.

A brief Q & A followed where focus was on economy and the inevitable faculty move to Science Village which lies a few years down the road.

Afterwards a bubbly mingle with something to eat and drink followed in the lobby.

Person with long hair, mustasche and beard smiles into the camera knowing he'll soon be at Copenhell. Photo.
After the presentations in The Blue Hall – there was time to eat, drink and mingle.
Two people engaged in conversation. Photo.
There is always something to talk about with a colleague…
People mingling in a large hallway. Photo.
…sometimes you find out things you didn’t know.

Text: Anders Örtegren / Photo: Inger Ekström

juni 17, 2022

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