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Summer meeting proves summer is not over yet

Åkersberg proved itself from its best side.

The sun was shining from a clear blue sky both days as GENECO held its summer meeting at Stiftsgården Åkersberg in Höör.

Happy people are hugging each other
Long time no see.

Around 40 persons had signed up for the meeting which started with a talk about genomic inference of inbreeding in pinnipeds by one of the invited speakers, Joseph Hoffman from Universität Bielefeld in Germany.

Lecturer talking
Joseph Hoffman
Lecturer talking and pointing.
Alison Wright

There were two other invited speakers, Alison Wright from the University of Sheffield and Henrik de Fine Licht from University of Copenhagen. Alison talked about sexual conflict in guppies.

Lecturer talking
Henrik de Fine Licht

Henrik’s talk was about zombie flies and the funguses which took them over .

Two persons standing outside drinking coffee.
Nice coffee breaks in the sun.
People standing talking with green leaves in the foreground.
Good discussions and laughs are common at GENECO’s meetings.

In the afternoon on the first day I, Inger Ekström, held a seminar and workshop about how to communicate with posters.

Three persons are sitting and looking down reading papers.
Hard working workshop people.
Water splashes in the foreground with people sitting in the background.
Some worked hard outside instead.

I hope that the participants in the evening poster session did not get to many crappy comments after my seminar. 🙂

Three persons are looking at a poster.
Interesting poster discussions.

Torbjörn Säll, Nils Cronberg and Mikael Hedrén took us on a genetic plant walk, a tradition at every GENECO summer meeting.

A man stands pointing at a sculpture.
With Torbjörn Säll we ended up in the middle of Skåne.

Thank you, all organisers, for being invited and a special thank you to Christina Rengefors who, as always, made all the practicalities run so smooth!

People stand and talk outside.
Christina Rengefors was also busy with her camera.

You find more photos at Flickr

Text by Inger Ekström, photos by Inger Ekström and Christina Rengefors.

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