Where have all the birds at Örenäs gone?

There will be no Christmas for the Evolutionary Ecology unit without a trip to Örenäs Castle. Around 60 persons from the unit (and some hangarounds, including me) went there to share their research and get to know each other a little bit better.

Many things were as previous years, for example the great talks about fascinating science, plenty of good food and a hard quiz.

But some things have changed compared to the last couple of years. The lizards and the damselflies have dethroned the birds. There were also a lot of theoretical and modelling talks this year. Out of 21 talks there were only two about birds. That’s new.

Another novelty was the invited speaker. Robin Tinghitella from University of Denver in the USA gave an enthralling talk about the evolution of a novel sexual signal in crickets.

More new things were a seating plan for the dinner and quiz team announced beforehand. It is always nice with some changes, especially when they are improvements.

A big thank you to all the organizers who arranged this!

Text and photo by Inger Ekström
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