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From bacterial proteins to bird orientation – the PhD students on mini-conference

Some people are sitting in a lecture hall and listening.
Listening to fascinating talks. Photo:Åsa Hagström

Just under forty PhD students from the Biology department enjoyed a 1½ day long mini-conference at Smygehus Havsbad in mid-October. The programme contained a wide variety of talks covering topics from bacterial proteins to bird orientation. The purpose of the event was for people from the two former departments of Ecology and Cell & Organism Biology to meet, get to know each other and find out about each other’s research. Several discoveries were made of other lab groups using similar techniques as one’s own.

One person is standing giving a lecture with a presentation in the background.
One of the many talks. Photo: Åsa Hagström

Outside on the first day it was the most beautiful autumn weather we’ve seen this year with a perfectly calm sea and brilliant sunshine from a clear blue sky. Thankfully we managed to catch a few of the warming rays out on the wooden deck in between sessions.

Three people are sitting on a pier at the shore.
Participants enjoying the fantastic autumn weather on the pontoon. Photo: Åsa Hagström

After a delicious meal the evening was rounded off with a pub quiz, themed according to the six new units within the Biology department. And of course a few pints in the bar for those who were so inclined…

/Annelie Jönsson

People walking on a pier.
Participants on the pontoon. Photo: Åsa Hagström
Three people are standing at the edge of the water.
Switching to marine ecology perhaps? Photo: Åsa Hagström
Three people are standing outside talking.
The organisers taking a quick coffee break on the wooden deck. Photo: Åsa Hagström
november 4, 2010

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