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Sunny summer meeting in Höör

A room with a lot of people. Photo.

Last Wednesday it was time for the GENECO summer meeting. Once again, we met at Stiftsgården Åkersberg in Höör. The weather was nice as usual, and everyone was happy to see each other again.

Some people talking outside. Photo.
Coffee in the sun.

GENECO is a graduate research school in genomic ecology, and they arrange summer and winter meetings each year. The meetings are great opportunities for the PhD students to get together and talk science, as well as a chance to present their findings through a talk or a poster.

A person is gesturing when giving a talk. Photo.
Samantha Mellinger is explaining MHC diversity in passerines.

Every year there are also talks by some invited researchers. This year there were talks from people from UK, Uppsala, and Norway. We also had presentations from students from Linnaeus and Lund University.

A person is standing in front of a presentation. Photo.
Alex Cagan from Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK was talking about whales, cancer and ageing as well as doing graphic notes on Twitter.

After a great poster session, there was time for relaxing in the spa area at Åkersberg before the conference dinner.

Two people are talking in front of a poster. Photo.
Posters are a great way to get together.

The setup was a little bit different this year. Instead of one and a half days at the conference venue, the meeting was two half days. This was a great way to keep everyone awake throughout all the talks.

Two people are sitting on a bench. Photo.h
Annika Hecktor and Christina Rengefors arranged the meeting to great satisfaction.

It was a well-arranged meeting in beautiful surroundings with nice people and food. Thanks for letting me participate.

A courtyard with a fountain. Photo.
Stiftsgården Åkerberg in August.

Text and photo: Inger Ekström

A person is standing talking. Photo.
Bengt Hansson opened the meeting.
 A person is standing behind a computer. Photo.
Emily O’Connor gave an introduction to the meeting.
A person is pointing with glasses in their hand. Photo.
Olof Hellgren talked a little about GENECO.
A person is making gestures while they is giving a talk. Photo.
Anders Johnson told us about the microbiology of acid sulfate soils.
A person is pointing at their presentation. Photo.
Hongkai Zhang gave a talk about recombination events in great reed warbler.
Two people are sitting outside talking. Photo.
Coffee break and talking.
Some people are standing outside talking. Photo.
Coffee mingling.
A person is listening to questions. Photo.
Laura Parducci from Uppsala University told us how Norway spruce entered Fennoscandia.
Two people are looking at a poster. Photo.
Happy poster viewers.
Three people are mingling. Photo.
Mingling before going to the spa.
Four people are looking at a poster. Photo.
Poster explanations.
A person is gesticulate at a presentation. Photo.
Jon Jerlström-Hultqvist from Uppsala University gave a talk about symbiosis.
Three people are mingling outside. Photo.
More sun and more coffee. Life is great.
People are standing outside talking. Photo.
Sunny coffee break.
A person is giving a talk. Photo.
Jaelle Brealey from Norway University of Science and Technology in Norway explained holomuseomics.
september 5, 2022