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The Biology Year 2017 in Photos

As usual, it has been an incredibly active year at the department. To illustrate this, I have chosen some of the photos I have. And this is only the part that I have participated in, or got hold of photos from. I know that there has been a lot more going on.

Let’s continue like this next year too! See you 2018.

Have a Happy New Year,
Inger (who is responsible for most of the photos)


Monica Pardon got the University’s administrative price

Two persons shake hands in the University hall.
For her invaluable achievements, Monica Pardon got 15 000 SEK
at Lund University’s birthday party. Photo: Sacha Pardon


The conference OIKOS

Some smiling persons stand talking and drinking coffee.
Around 200 happy ecologists visit the annual Swedish meeting OIKOS in Lund this year.

The GENECO winter meeting

A small crowd drinking coffee.
The research school GENECO’s winter meeting was held at Ideon.


The unit Biodiversity had a winter (or spring) meeting in Smygehuk

Silouettes of sitting people against a light window.
The unit Biodiversity met and discussed their research.

BLAM – great weather as usual

Some persons are sitting outside in the sun.
No BLAM (Biology in Lund Annual Meeting) without the sun.


Planting of the jubilee magnolia

A person is digging. People are standing around looking.
The head of the department saw that the planting of the jubilee magnolia went according to plan.

The Biology Day with a magnolia lecture, the Biology Show and much more

A person is standing giving a lecture.
Mikael Hédren shared his knowledge about magnolias in a jubilee lecture.
Four persons are sitting in a row in a lecture hall.
Our own “Fråga Lund” experts answered questions from the audience.
Two happy persons with their hands stretch out in front of them.
No Biology Day without the Biology Show.

Farewell party for Bodil Enoksson

Some people sitting. A man is standing holding flowers.
Bodil Enoksson retired and served refreshments.

State of the Union – talk by Christer Löfstedt

A person is standing talking in lecture hall.
How is it going? The head of the department told us about the state of the department, in his yearly talk.


Edible plants – excursion filmed by TV4

Two persons are standing holding a camera and a microphone in front of a sitting person.
SACT arranged an excursion to find edible plants. TV4 curiously got interested.

Bird excursion to Krankesjön

Two persons are standing looking through binoculars.
It isn’t spring until the bird watching at Krankesjön is done.

Farewell party for Eva Friman

One person stands holding a paper, other persons stands around.
More retirements, Eva Friman got a farewell party in the newly refreshed lunchroom on the second floor in the Ecology building.

Farewell party for Björn Weström

A man stands holding flowers with persons standing around.
Björn Weström also retired with a farewell party.


LUNA’s honorary prize to Tina Ledje

One person stands behind a podium.
Tina Ledje was awarded the student union at the Faculty of Science’s (LUNA) honorary prize for her work for all students. Photo: Helena Bergqvist.

Docent lecture – Martin N. Andersson

One person stands gestaculating.
Martin N. Andersson became a docent with his lecture “The Human Sense of Smell”.

New 3D lab

3D models.
The new 3D lab opened. Photo: Atticus Pinzon Rodriguez.

LU350 year party

One smilig person stands behind a table.
Christina Rengefors did a great job with the department LU350 party.
Group photo.
Almost all were there.


GENECO summer meeting

Some persons stands looking down at the grass.
This year the graduate research school GENECO had their summer meeting in Malmö.

Traditional hay-making

Two persons stand with a scyte.
Ola Olsson showed us how to do a traditionell hay-making. Elin Johansson got the hang of it.


LU350 warm-up party

Many persons stand in a line waiting for food.
Before the big staff and student LU350 party in Lundagård, we had a warm-up party at the department.
A person goes holding a poster on a stick saying 350 år.
Christer Löfstedt, as head of the department, made sure everybody found their way to Lundagård.

Tandem Talk – Staffan Bensch & Olivier Van Aken

Two persons stand looking up in a lecture hall.
A tandem talk where we learnt about stressed plants and migrating birds.

Book release – Understanding Population Genetics

On person stands holding up a book. Other people stand around.
Bengt Olle Bengtsson and Torbjörn Säll arranged a book release party.


New confocal microscope

Two persons stand looking in a book.
Ola Gustafsson and David O’Carroll got their eagerly awaited confocal microscope.

The Super Show

Persons standing on a scene in blue light.
The Biology Show got together with the Physics Show and the Chemistry Show and gave the LU350 Super Show!

Photo exhibition at Grand Hotel

People standing talking in front of images.
We arranged a photo exhibition at Grand Hotel with photos from nearly all the departments at the Faculty of Science.

Smell lecture at Grand Hotel

A person is standing on a scene behind a podium.
After the opening of the exhibition, Marcus Stensmyr held a lecture about smell and tast.

Excursion to the Blue Planet

People standing listening to a person talking.
SACT arranged an excursion to the Blue Planet in Copenhagen. Photo: Michael Olsson.

BÖÖL’s photo contest

A lot of photos hanging on poster screens
As usual, the Biology Student Council BÖÖL, held a photo contest. With great prizes from the Education Office.

The Animal Migration Course

Group photo.
CAnMove arranged their Animal Migration Course for maybe the last time.


Excursion to the Arkivcentrum Syd

Three persons stand looking in a book.
The archivist, Jesper Zimmerman, and Sigvard Svensson took some of the administration on a guided tour to Arkivcentrum Syd. Here Jesper is showing the oldest list of students to Viki Kaleskovska and Jan Olsson.

Samlingsforum 2017

A person is standing behind a podium in the University hall.
The Biology Museum was co-host for the Samlingsforum 2017 in Lund. Maria Mostadius gave a lecture about how to move a museum.


Docent lecture – Stanley Heinze

A person is gestaculating behind a podium
Stanley Heinze became docent with his lecture The neural basis for memory and learning across the animal kingdom.

Christmas meeting Evolutionary Ecology

Some smiling persons are standing and sitting behind tables.
The get-to-know-each-other-games was appreciated.

Lucia Art Exhibition

A person is standing talkign with a lot of persons standing behind.
The head of the department opened the fourth Lucia Art Exhibition.
People sitting together knitting.
The workshop this year was in knitting. How many will get Christmas sweaters this year?

LU350 Jubilee Course

Marie Dacke gave the closing lecture in the series of lectures called Jubileumskursen.