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Minutes from BDRs meeting 8/9 -20

Instead of linking to minutes in inaccessible pdf format, I will try to write a bit more detail about the minutes from the meetings at the department. If you want to read the original minute, please contact the secretary of the group. You find all our groups and committees on our internal website.

The Biology doctoral student council (BDR) had a meeting on 8 September.

The PhD guest lecture this autumn is postponed due to COVID-19.

BDR has started a Slack group and invited all PhD students. In the beginning, they will focus on a statistics channel. They are planning to add more channels in the future.

There will eventually be an intro pizza meeting this autumn. BDR will check COVID-19 regulations if it is possible to arrange it.

BDR will meet with the Head and Assistant Head of the department in mid-October.