Third time – better than ever

Today our Head of the Department, Christer Löfstedt, held his third “State of the Union” talk about how things are going Läs mer

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Mer tid för nötväckor för nybliven pensionär

Igår bjöd Bodil Enoksson på ost och vin för att fira sin pensionering. Många kom för att Läs mer

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Vincenzo Ellis – new postdoc

I recently received funding from the Carl Tryggers Foundation to begin a
postdoc project with Staffan Bensch. I will work on the genetics and
evolution of host specificity in malaria parasites of birds.

I’m originally from San Diego, California. I did my undergraduate work at
UC Santa Barbara and my PhD at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. From
there I moved to Belo Horizonte, Brazil for a mostly teaching postdoc at
the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

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Minnesanteckningar från GUNs möte den 10/3 -17

Grundutbildningsnämnden hade möte den 10 mars. Då diskuterades bland annat arbetet med basblocket, lärarutbildningen, kemikurser, tentamensformulär, möte om karriär utanför akademin, halvtidskoll av masteruppsatser, fakultetsgemensam grupp för examensarbeten, kursutvärderingar och kurssammanställningar. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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Minnesanteckningar från BIGs möte den 11/4 -17

Infrastrukturgruppen hade möte den 11 april. Då diskuterades bland annat infrastrukturansökningar till LUs forskningsnämnd och bokslut för infrastrukturverksamheterna. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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Olivier van Aken – new senior lecturer

I have just started at LU as a new senior lecturer in the Molecular Cell Biology Unit. I was born in Belgium and completed my PhD at Ghent University. In 2007, I moved to the University of Western Australia to continue my research as a post-doc and Research Assistant Professor. Having returned to Europe, my new lab will be focusing on how plants perceive and respond to external stress conditions, ranging from heat and water stress, to pathogen infection, and even response to physical contact (so-called ‘touch’ responses).  In particular, the role of energy converting organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts will be studied during stress response, and how they can influence cellular signalling and gene expression through organelle-to-nuclear ‘retrograde’ signalling. The second main research area is to understand the molecular basis of how plants can change gene expression, hormone levels and downstream morphological changes within minutes of being touched. Indeed, plants are well aware of even gentle physical manipulation, for instance by rain drops falling on a leaf, or just a brief touch with a finger. This is thought to prepare the plant for further potential danger such as wounding and infection, but also changes in environmental conditions such as light, wind and rainfall.

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Victoria Twort – new postdoc

Victoria’s interests are in applying genomic techniques to organisms in order to
better understand evolutionary relationships and the patterns and processes of
molecular evolution and diversification both at intra- and inter-specific
levels. Victoria completed her PhD at The University of Auckland, New Zealand
with Thomas Buckley and Richard Newcomb. For her thesis, she used genomics
techniques to investigation various evolutionary aspects of weta biology. In
particular, she looked at molecular evolutionary patterns associated with alpine
adaptation, de novo assembly of a giant weta genome and undertook a
conservation genetic analysis of three threatened species. Victoria has now
started working as a postdoc with Niklas Wahlberg on Lepidoptera phylogenomics.

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Minutes from the JoL meeting 6/4 -17

The Gender equality and equal opportunities group had a meeting 6 April. Among other things they discussed the Biology Equality Action Plan, additional members, Equality Lottery fika and workshop. Read more in the minutes from the meeting (pdf).

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Biologins dag i jubileumstappning

Projektledaren Emily Baird hör med Eric Hallberg hur det går med mikroskopivisningen.

I år gjorde Biologins dag come back efter att tagit paus under 2016. Mycket var nytt – ny projektledare (Emily Baird), nytt ställe (Biologihuset), inledande magnoliaplantering och Läs mer

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Minutes from BDR’s meeting 9/2 -17

The Biology doctoral students council had a meeting 9 February. Among other things they discussed the guide for PhD students, guest speakers spring 2017 and the introductory course. Read more in the minutes from the meeting (pdf).

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