En superstrukturerad workshop med tydlig struktur


Igår hade Emma Kritzberg och Johannes Rousk ordnat en struktur- och tidsworkshop med struktören David Stiernholm för institutionens Läs mer

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Jing Zhang – new PhD student


My name is Jing Zhang and I am a joint-training PhD student from China. My doctoral major is ecology and my research direction is ecosystem ecology. I am very happy to join the Microbial Ecology group to research the relationship between mycorrhizal and soil organic carbon under Håkan Wallander’s direction.

My PhD project is “Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi resource and its contribution to soil organic carbon in subtropical forests in southern China”. Therefore, my research is focus on mycorrhizal biomass, diversity and glomalin-related soil protein, soil microbial community structure, and the contribution of arbuscular mycorrhizae to soil organic carbon sequestration in natural tropical forests and under climate change scenario. I have done these works in southern China during the first two year of my PhD period. Now I will study in LU for 18 month to research how to use isotope to study mycorrhizae under natural geothermal soil temperature gradients in Iceland. After finish my research here, I will go back to China and get my PhD degree.

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Protokoll från styrelemötet den 21/9 -16

Den 21 september hade institutionsstyrelsen möte. Då diskuterades bland annat anställningsärenden, halvårsbokslut och prognos, översyn av Biodiversitet och fördelningsmodellen. Läs mer i protokollet från mötet (pdf).

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Dagordning för styrelsemötet den 19/10 -16

Den 19 oktober klockan 13.15 har institutionsstyrelsen möte i Synpunkten i Biologihuset. Följande står på dagordningen:

  1. Mötet öppnas
  2. Protokolljusterare utses
  3. Fastställande av dagordningen
  4. Föregående mötes protokoll (bil.)
  5. Forskningsstrategi för Biologiska institutionen 2015-2019 (bil.; pdf)
    Avstämning av måluppfyllelse och ev. påverkan på budgetarbetet
    Föredragande: Christer Löfstedt
  6. Information
    • Budgetprocessen (Monica Pardon)
    • Grundutbildningen 2017- uppdrag och budget
      (Carin Jarl-Sunesson)
    • Anställningsärenden
    • Översyn Biodiversitet – lägesrapport
    • Översyn av infrastruktur
  7. Eventuellt övrigt
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Henrik Sjödin – new post-doc


I am very happy to join the Department of Biology and the Theoretical Population
Ecology and Evolution Group as a postdoc to work primarily with Per Lundberg and
Jörgen Ripa on speciation and biological diversification in multitrophic

I received my master’s degree from Umeå University with a thesis on rainforest
biodiversity in relation to disturbances. I received my PhD in Ecology 2014 from
Umeå University where I studied ecological and evolutionary dynamics in
spatially structured communities. I was thereafter a postdoc scholar with the
Evolution and Ecology Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems
Analysis (IIASA) in Austria, where I studied mainly the evolution of cooperation
in large group-structured communities.

In my postdoc project here we aim to apply a combination of mathematics and data
analysis to learn more about speciation and biological diversification in
spatially-structured multitrophic communities with high
interspecific interaction-strengths.

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Alfredo Rago – new post-doc


Hej! My name is Alfredo Rago and I am an Italian post-doc. I have just joined the Uller lab after finishing my PhD on the regulatory basis of sexual dimorphism at the University of Birmingham (UK). So far I’ve used wasps (Nasonia vitripennis) and water fleas (Daphnia magna), which lack sex-chromosomes, to investigate how phenotypic differences are induced in genetically identical individuals. The project involved the analysis of developmental gene expression time-series data of both sexes via network reconstruction.

My research focuses on expanding our understanding on how regulatory networks evolve by integrating genomic, transcriptomic, developmental and environmental factors. This generally means reconstructing large heterogeneous regulatory networks from experimental data and analysing how their structure changes under specific circumstances to find which elements are most likely to be subject to change and whether these changes have a biased potential towards adaptiveness.

My current project is to develop a novel framework for the understanding of plasticity by using simulations to model environmental effects as intrinsic component of developmental regulatory networks. The project will involve a collaboration with the Watson Lab in the University of Southampton. My intent is to explore how developmental systems evolve by integrating environmental and genetic information, potentially devising methods to predict and identify the architecture of plastic traits.

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Raphael Gollnisch – new PhD student


Hej! My name is Raphael and I am from Germany (or rather, Bavaria). After my
Bachelor’s in Biology, I graduated in aquatic ecology at the
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU) Graduate School for Evolution,
Ecology and Systematics where I investigated the diversity dependence of
light-use efficiency in phytoplankton communities. My scientific focus is on
plankton ecology, regarding the implications of biodiversity and community
assembly on ecosystem functioning, particularly concerning the role of
functional trait dynamics in phytoplankton communities and their environmental
feedback effects. Besides topics in experimental aquatic ecology, I spent time
on stochastic processes in population genetics of introduced species and genomic
variation in general.

I am now looking forward to working on my PhD project ‘Next-Generation
microbial population genetics using single-cell genomics’ within the EU H2020
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network SINGEK. Together with my
supervisors Karin Rengefors and Dag Ahrén, I will be focusing on genomic
variation and dispersal patterns in the invasive microalgal species Gonyostomum
semen (Raphidophyceae). By investigating the differentiation among populations
of this phytoplankton species that is known to cause nuisance algal blooms, I
would like to contribute to exploring the implications of ecologically relevant
biodiversity on a population genomic basis utilizing single-cell genomic
amplification methods.

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Minutes from the BDR meeting 30/8 -17

The Biology doctoral students council had a meeting 30 August. Among other things they discussed a list with information about PhD students, updating the guide for PhD students and difficulties finding teachers. Read more in the minutes from the meeting (pdf).

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Cecilia Lönnqvists går i pension


Den 29 september uppmärksammades Cecilias långa gärning vid Lunds universitet
med ett avtackningsmingel i Ekologihusets foajé. Det var många Läs mer

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Inte helt lätt att bemöta härskartekniker


Igår hade Jämställdhetsgruppen och SACT ordnat en workshop om härskartekniker. De hade bjudit in Katarina Billing från MiL att Läs mer

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