Dagordning styrelsemötet 28/2

Den 28 februari klockan 13.15 har institutionsstyrelsen möte i konferensrum B327 (Synpunkten), Biologihuset. Utöver inledande formalia står följande på dagordningen: anhållan om inrättande av tillsvidareanställningar, rekrytering av lärare – beskrivning av processen, psykosocial skyddsrond, institutionens synpunkter på LUNA:s förslag om anonyma tentor och storlek på examinerande moment, bokslut 2017, informationsärenden, eventuellt övrigt. Dagordningen i sin helhet (pdf).

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Protokoll från styrelsemöte 20/12-17

Institutionsstyrelsen hade möte den 20 december. Bland annat diskuterades anställningsärende, budget 2018, studierektorer för GU- och forskarutbildning, Marie Dacke tackades för sina insatser i samband med jubileumskursen under universitetets 350-årsjubileum. Läs mer i protokoll från mötet (pdf).

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Dagordning BIG:s möte måndag 26/2-18

Måndag 26 februari klockan 13.00 har Infrastrukturgruppen möte i Darwin i Ekologihuset. På dagordningen: meddelanden – planerade verksamhetsinvesteringar, rapport till budgetunderlag, genomgång av inkomna utkast till ansökningar till N-faks infrastrukturstöd, verksamheternas aktivitet 2017 – genomgång av inkomna rapporter, eventuellt övrigt.

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Nearly spring at winter meeting

Meeting and listening to good talks.

Ideon Gateway bathed in the sun when GENECO held their winter Läs mer

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10 years with CAnMove – so far, so good, so long

Up, up, and away! Susanne Åkesson is talking about the future.

Yesterday the Linné project CAnMove (Centre for Animal Movement) celebrated its first 10 years with a conference for present and former Läs mer

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The Biology Museum is there for you

How may I be of use?

Today SACT arranged a seminar to show the wonders of our Biology Museum. In a packed Blue Hall Niklas Wahlberg took the opportunity to show how researchers may use Läs mer

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Robin Delhom – new researcher at LP3

Hej alla!

My name is Robin Delhom and I just started a two year contract as ‘Forskare’ at the Molecular Cell Biology Unit in a collaboration project with the Lund Protein Production Platform (LP3) and the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS).

I am French, 28, have done a master degree in organic chemistry followed by a PhD in membrane biophysics and here I am now in the Department of Biology of Lund University!

I defended my PhD project, co-financed by the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and the ESS, last December in Grenoble where I was mainly working for the past three years. The objective, among others, was to develop a relevant model membrane for neutron studies which I then used to investigate the mechanism of action of Amphotericin B, a powerful anti-fungal drug. The multidisciplinary project and its relationship with ESS allowed me to work in a lot of different environments and brought me towards Sweden, LU and LP3.

My contribution here and now is to develop, investigate and make use of lipid membranes extracted from microorganisms with neutron scattering techniques in order to understand biological processes occurring at the edge of living cells.

Thus, if you are intrigued or want to know more about lipids/membranes, neutrons or else, please come along! You can find me in the office 141 of Biology building A or contact me at robin.delhom@biol.lu.se

Ses snart!

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Frederike Hanke – new postdoc

My name is Frederike Hanke, originally I am from Germany where I have studied and worked in Freiburg, Bochum and Rostock. Just recently I have joined Almut Kelber’s group to investigate if octopus is able to perceive colors. Generally I am very interested in the visual and cognitive abilities of (semi)aquatic animals. For many years, I investigated the visual abilities of harbor seals. Since 2012, I have been working with octopus, too. These animals are fascinating creatures that seem to observe me as soon as I enter the room with the aquaria. They easily learn experimental procedure. But can I make them discriminate in general and discriminate stimuli on the basis of hue specifically?

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Make your research known

Hi everybody!

Last year the Department of Biology and its researchers figured quite a lot in media. Journalists and the public took interest in your results, your research projects and your opinions as experts on specific topics.
Hopefully your work will contribute to increase the Department’s visibility even more in 2018.
One of the things I work with is to try to help you to reach out to media and the public. It can be ongoing research as well as studies that have resulted in an article in a scientific magasine. If you know you will have an article published it is a big help if you contact me well in advance. Preferably about three weeks before the publishing date.
Another way to reach out is to use your expertise on current topics that are discussed in media. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions about how to approach media.
Finally, don’t forget The Conversation. It is a great chance to reach out with your popularly written scientific text. Lund University is a member of The Conversation which means that you can get assistance from one of their editors. Here you can read articles from Lund University on The Conversation.

Jan Olsson

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Minutes from BDRs meeting 7/12 -17

The Biology doctoral students council had a meeting 7 December. Among other things they discussed guest speaker, setting up a meeting with the Director of Doctoral Studies, mandatory courses, promoting postgrad courses in Life Science and prolongation. Read more in the minutes from the meeting (pdf).

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