Minnesanteckningar från FUNs möte 18/12 -14

Den 18 december hade forskarutbildningsnämnden möte. Då diskuterades bland annat LUs strategiska plan för FU, BLAM, handledardagen och riktlinjer för utformning av litteraturkurser. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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Agenda for the BDR meeting 19/2 -15

The Biology Doctoral Students Council will have a meeting 15 October at 12.00 in Tanken at the first floor in the Ecology Building. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Start of the meeting
  2. Choosing secretary
  3. Approval of agenda
  4. Minutes from the last meeting
  5. Announcements
  6. NDR election meeting 13th May, representatives for all boards
  7. Contact person on BDR website
  8. BDR spring guest lecture
  9. Planning of BDR autumn guest lecture
  10. Permanent reminders
    • January – call for nominations of autumn guest lecturer
      September – call for nominations of spring guest lecturer
    • January – organize BDR presentation and social event for introductory course
    • Early spring – check with current PhD-representatives in the various organs if they want to keep their positions, and if not call for new representatives and nominate these for election through NDR. Elections take place in April/May with a change-over in positions in July.
    • After NDR elections – update lathunden with information for all new PhD students and the information for new foreign PhD students.
    • January and September – after scheduling the coming semester’s meetings, invite the prefect and the vice prefect to join one of meetings
  11. Other issues
  12. Next meeting
  13. Meeting closed
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Anna Honkanen – new postdoc in the Vision group

AnnaHonkanenI joined the Lund Vision Group in February 2015 to work with Stanley Heinze and Eric Warrant. My postdoc project is about characterisation of compass neurones and distance encoding neurones in the central complex of two species of bees, the nocturnal Megalopta genalis and the diurnal Bombus terrestris. I will also try to look into how the path integrator works in bee brains.

Before moving to Lund I did my PhD on the dim-light vision of the American cockroach at the University of Oulu in Finland.

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New postdoc in the Microbial Ecology group – Michiel Op De Beeck


My name is Michiel Op De Beeck. I will be working at the Lund University as a post-doctoral researcher in the Microbial Ecology group under professors Anders Tunlid, Per Persson and Tomas Johansson. I will be working on the degradation of soil organic matter by ectomycorrhizal fungi in the “Molecular Interactions Controlling Soil Carbon Sequestration (MICCS)” research program.

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Minnesanteckningar från FUNs möte 28/1 -15

Den 28 januari hade forskarutbildningsnämnden möte. Då diskuterades bland annat UKÄ:s förslag om kvalitetsutvärdering, fakultetens lansering av ny pedagogisk introduktionskurs, BLAM-registreringar och handledardagen. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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Another new postdoc – Zhanfeng Liu

My name is Zhanfeng Liu. I am working with Professor Håkan Wallander as a visiting researcher supported by Swedish Institute Scholarship. My project in Sweden will investigate how soil microbial community responds to natural thermal gradients in natural grasslands of Iceland.

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New postdoc – Tao Wang

My name is Tao Wang. I am a postdoc under the supervision of Profs. Anders Tunlid and Per Persson from the Microbial Ecology group. My work focuses on the extraction and decomposition of soil organic matter in order to achieve a mechanistic understanding of  soil carbon sequestration at a molecular scale.

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Dagordning för styrelsemötet den 11/2 -15

Den 11 februari klockan 13.15 har institutionsstyrelsen möte i Synpunkten i Biologihus B. Följande står på dagordningen:

  1. Mötet öppnas
  2. Protokolljusterare utses
  3. Fastställande av dagordningen
  4. Föregående mötes protokoll
  5. Översyn av undervisning/forskning inom ämnesområdet molekylär cellbiologi (bil.). Föredragande: Anders Tunlid
  6. Rekrytering av universitetsadjunkt i zoologisk cellbiologi (bil.)
  7. Anhållan om tillsvidareanställning av G. B. som forskningsingenjör 100% (bil.)
  8. Anhållan om tillsvidareanställning av A. C. som tekniskt biträde 100% (bil.)
  9. Arbetsmiljöpolicy och handlingsplan för biologiska institutionen 2015 (bil. pdf). Föredragande: Anders Brodin
  10. Bokslut 2014 – Biologiska institutionen, exklusive museet (bil.)
  11. Bokslut 2014 – Biologiska museet (bil.)
  12. Eventuellt övrigt
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Minnesanteckningar från BIGs möte den 27/1 -15

Den 27 januari hade infrastrukturgruppen möte. Då diskuterades bland annat den nya ICPn och infrastrukturansökningarna till fakulteten. Läs mer i minnesanteckningarna från mötet (pdf).

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Shakhira Zakhrabekova – new postdoc


My name is Shakhira Zakhrabekova and I am PostDoc at the Department of Biology, group of Professor Mats Hansson.

Originally I am from Azerbaijan. During last 15 years I have been working in Sweden at Lund University and at Gothenburg University and in Denmark at Carlsberg Laboratory.

My project focuses on identification of genes deficient in barley mutants. Currently, I am trying to identify genes regulating plant architecture.

We have previously identified four different genes and I will now characterize the gene products through more biochemical experiments.

In my private life I am very interested in music, playing piano and cooking.

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